Earlier vesions of S2 Android app

  • 30 May 2023
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I have a problem with my current S2 15.4 (auto-updated) will no longer support Android ‘On This Device’ feature to play music from an SD card.  I understand from (a now closed thread) that the solution is to downgrade the app to an elier version.  i.e. 12.0.6. 

Where do i find this version of the app please?

3 replies

Sonos doesn’t maintain access to earlier verison of the android app.  The current version is the only version they support.  There may be a 3rd party website that has the install files for previous versions, but I’m not aware of it.


As far as using older versions as a solution to the issue, it does have it’s negatives.  As already mentioned, it’s not supported by Sonos.  You won’t be able to add any new products to your system.  You would not get any security updates or new features.  And Sonos states that the feature isn’t supported in future versions of android, so the feature will stop working if you update your android device anyway.

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Was only your app updated, or was your system updated too? The app and the system need to be on the same version. So even if you would find a way to downgrade the app, if the system has already updated, it wouldn’t work.

Most importantly, you can never update your Android operating system, which is ultimately where the connection will be broken.