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The download page states S2 app current version is 15.2.1 updated 3/7/2023, however when I download the Mac os version it downloads 15.1.1, and today is March 11, 2023.    The app keeps prompting to upgrade but results in error when I try to run it through the app. I cannot download new version form Sonos page..


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What link in the Sonos page are you trying to download from? It should be this.

Which Mac OS are you running? are you running any virus protection, VPN, or similar software? 

Just tried it and That link downloads 15.1.1  Sonos_71.1-38240   The Sonos download page states most recent version is 15.2.1   Running Ventura 13.2.1, no VPN or other.   Download works fine.  Open disc image and check file info and it is ver 15.1.1


It’s possible (I am not near my Mac at this moment) that they’ve not updated the Mac controller yet, just the iOS controller, I’d have to check later.

Does the app run?

yes,  15.1.1 is running .  I just have to tell not to update.    Running 15.2 on iPhone and iPad

I would try removing/uninstalling the current App and download the latest Sonos App from here:

On launch, choose to connect to the existing Sonos System and see if that resolves the issue.


That is exactly what I did.  When you download from that link the mac OS download  is v 15.1.1,  not the new version. 

That is exactly what I did.  When you download from that link the mac OS download  is v 15.1.1,  not the new version. 

Did you first remove the existing installed software?

Yes,  the problem is the disc image which is downloaded, when mounted contains ver 15.1.1 not the most current 15.2.1.

My Mac is running 15.1.1 without any prompt for an update. When I check for updates, there’s no update required, according to the app. This is on a 2019 Macbook Pro, 15 inch, running Ventura 13.2.1

I don’t believe that Sonos had a need to update the Mac version, so it’s still 15.1.1 for the download. At such time as there’s a need for an update, I suspect Sonos will upload a new version to that repository.


As a note, it’s not uncommon for the desktop apps to not get updated everytime theres an update to the mobile apps, since the desktop apps have all “setup” functions stripped, and are only on a “bug fix” regimen. 

Ok. Thanks for your help.  It’s all working so I am going to worry.