Alarm chime plays instead of radio station

  • 20 November 2022
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Dear all

Got a SONOS S2  System running version 14.19 running with differnet models. Like Play 1 and ONE SL, Arc, Sub Mini.

Using Play 1 as alarm clock. Since the last 10 days the system Alarm chime plays instead of radio station. Seems it take to much time to conect to Tunein or sonos Radio.

Workaround e.g alarma set to clock 7.10 → play CHime, alram 7.11 → plays radio

One Sonos One SL this does not happen, the alarm works normaly.  Only on Play one devices.

Any ideas. Its is not a Networks or Firewall issue.

I assume this is a software issue within the system. Creat disagnose 808257277


regards Adrian


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I’ve seen some users with this issue and it’s often a case their router/network overnight, seems to go into a standby/sleep mode and then takes a short length of time to connect to the outside world (WAN), Most folk apparently solve it by setting a ‘silent alarm’ a couple of minutes before their main alarm to wake the connection and then everything works fine.

So maybe give that a try with your speaker and see if it works for you.

Hi Ken. Will have a try.

I justed played around in the afternoon, eg. during the day.

I could clearly reproduce it with One SL and Play 1 device.

On the One SL no issues at all. The Play 1 does even have issues with spotify. The connection needs to be done twice..

The speakers are connected by wire directed to a switch. Internet is fine.


regards  Adrian


Maybe it’s related to the switch/cable - try ‘swapping’ the cable connection/speaker positions, if practicable …and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for this. I checked the cable. Its not a Layer 1 connection.

It seems a general streaming service behavior within the the SONOS setup.

e.g using Spotify on a mobile device  or BOSE works fine. As soon trying to swap Spotify to a SONOS device take generally a longer time. It takes up to 3 tries till it works.

Using Streaming internally from a NAS works within ms, like a charm.

r Adrian