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  • 25 January 2023
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Since the beginning of the season, I’ve been able to stream Seattle Kraken games on my Sonos system by tuning into their local station (KJR). Starting last week, my access to these broadcasts has been denied. This problem occurs when I try to access the broadcast via Sonos radio or TuneIn. Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to whom I should contact regarding this problem?


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6 replies

I would contact KJR. Note that it is common for teams to lock out local station coverage of games. Each team/station is different. Some teams will allow local broadcast if the stadium is sold out. Another dimension could be the competing team blocking the game broadcast. Some teams will not allow online access to their broadcasts.

The SONOS system simply connects to TuneIn. It’s up to TuneIn to connect SONOS with a station.

Thanks. I really didn’t see this as a Sonos or TuneIn problem, but I figured that this forum would provide a constructive suggestion. I’ll contact the station.

What’s weird is that I’ve never heard of radio broadcasts being blacked out. Telecasts, yeah. But radio?

Absolutely. KNBR used to blackout the streaming of Giants games in the Bay area, until TuneIn bought streaming rights for MLB, as one example. It would be unusual to kill normal radio, sure, but sports is an entirely different thing. 

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I can still play it via TuneIn (just searched for it). I looked on their web site and they stream via the iheartradio api, not via a simple url.

Well, that’s interesting. I set up a chat with a guy at iHeart Radio this morning to discuss this problem. He suggested that I reset my Sonos system. Rather than go that far, I simply cycled the power on each speaker (it’s a Sonos 5). Problem solved. Go figure.

 I think that there was a transient issue at iHeart Radio, resulting in a bad URL that SONOS hung on to. 

Good move with respect to Factory Reset. In this case there would have been an accidental ‘Fix” of your issue, but it would have wasted a lot of time. Factory Reset does not often cure fundamental issues.