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Do you have plans to ship a Windows 10 Store app which can be used from multiple Windows devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) to control the Sonos experience?

We are a Windows household and the desktop controller that exists for PC today is heavy and not very touch friendly. The third party Windows Phone app, Phonos, is fills a void, but not nearly as feature rich as the Android or iOS app. This has been requested for several years ( and the product management team does not address this gap beyond a blanket we have no news statement. I understand that choices have to be made. If you do not plan to address this in the net 12 months then can you at least make your API public with your apps being first and best examples of how to use that API so others can fill the gap for you?

Instead of a lot of "+1" and "me too" threads please show your support by voting on the poll below so we can get a count of the number of people who are interested in a Windows 10 app.

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Would you use a Windows 10 Sonos controller app?

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What I will point out however, is this thread is about a modern windows 10 app request. An OS that currently holds 19% of the desktop market.

As a happy coincidence, this OS enjoys shared code with tablets, convertibles and yes WM10.

Now, in the same link note the OSX share of just 4%. Is there a Sonos app for that? Hmm well yes it does appear so.

Hardly a valid comparison. The Win10 market is already served by the current Win32 Desktop Controller. If Sonos didn't make an OS X controller that whole segment would remain unaddressed.
It is more than a valid comparison ratty. By your logic of serving segments undressed, the 5% osx share isn't too far from the 3% wm/wp share which you have persistently argue against. Yes, there is a win 32 app, it is not considered modern, it aged, clunky, confusing for guests and needs a overhaul. By the same logic, this covers 90% of the desktop market, yet you feel this is acceptable? I, and the majority of posters on this thread do not.
Sonos. Is. Not. Going. To. Make. A. Universal. Windows. Platform. App. PERIOD!!!!!

Clear enough for you?
If you re-read my posts, I did check the competition, and they do have UWP in development.

And if you re-read my posts, you'd realize I wasn't replying to you. But it does beg the question as to why you believe Denon when they claim to have an app in development, yet you steadfastly refuse to accept the fact that Sonos isn't going to develop one, even belaboring the point here long after you supposedly switched your allegiances over to Denon?
Ok, I apologise if you weren't directing your post at me in a PUBLIC forum, but you asked for examples and i provided one.

Secondly, I accept because they told me, yet Sonos replied to this thread to EXPLICITLY state they weren't.

Thirdly, "allegiances". Really? When did this become an army, or a cult, or a movement? I stated my opinions as a CUSTOMER. A consumer, a dissatisfied one and I have expressed this in the forum provided for such purposes.
Well, since you decided to go onto a forum to announce to the world my that you have now purchased a competitor's product, I figured it carried a little bit more meaning than simple brand switching. I thought allegiance was an apt description for something you felt was important enough to announce to the whole world.

But it still doesn't answer the question: iIf you are so satisfied with Denon, why are you still here complaining about Sonos? Most people would move on by now, especially when you know Sonos isn't going to give you what you want. Different horses for different courses, as a wise man said. You got a nice new stallion, why keep going back to ride the old nag you left?
Maybe because I care. Maybe because I'm still subscribed and see so many non-truths being posted, I want to help.

I'm more than happy with the Denon kit. It got me through my wedding, reception and a family party in a way the Sonos kit couldn't.

Being so busy I haven't moved on the Sonos stuff yet, but I will.

Deal is, my Sonos has a good sound (not great). It looks good. But my surface does too and the desktop software is horrid. That is the bit guests interact with. It needs an update and it just isn't the cool new/only kid in town now. The market IS moving on, faster than the Sonos "innovation" team seem to be able to and they need to know that.
So the market is moving on, yet you cannot seem to. Methinks thou doth protest too much, lol. 😃
This forum is about Sonos, and this thread about the controllers, with many people wanting a change. As started, I re-registered to lend my support to those asking for it. I've presented facts, figures and opinions. How's about we focus on those instead of taking the discussion down a personal route eh?
Personally, If I had numerous Sonos Speakers and products and had initially gone down the route of buying a windows phone. After the 'not so recent' Sonos announcement, which I would say was very clearly stated in relation to WM, I would not sell my Sonos products ... I would simply just change my phone (or at the very least, buy another phone) to use as my controller at home.

It is by far the much simpler and cheaper option than buying an entirely new complete audio system. Those that do, are just cutting their nose off to spite their face, or they actually really just wanted to change away from Sonos to begin with.

I really like my Sonos speakers and plan to add even more in the months ahead.

There was a time when there were no FREE Sonos controller apps and you had to buy an expensive Sonos hardware controller ... Some people just have to move with the times and the direction of a company ... or choose to abandon ship.

Some here are choosing to abandon ship... so be it, but for the price of a pre-owned Android or Apple device, I prefer to stay aboard.

I really do not see Sonos as being a sinking ship... If anything the Windows Mobile looks more like it is 'listing to one side' at the moment and is far more likely to go under, despite the big name of Microsoft. Both Google and Apple have taken the market share when it comes to mobiles. Many of us have all waved goodbye to Nokia and Blackberry already.

I should add that I was once a Nokia and Blackberry owner, but I changed those eventually for a Windows mobile and have since tried android ...and more recently an Apple iPhone. I try to move with the times. I'm sure something else will be along in a few years time and quite simply I will make a decision to move, or stay, with whatever works for me and proves to be the 'best value' option.

It's time other people moved on, instead of ranting about things that are never ever likely to change.

Sonos has made their decision, we all have to live with it...

'All aboard!' ... See you at the next destination, wherever that maybe, but I'm reasonably sure my Sonos system will still be around my home for many years to come.

Don't forget to post your eBay (Sonos Sale) links here... I do love a pre-owned bargain!
See, the problem here is people keep bringing it back to Windows phone/mobile. The request is/was about a Windows 10 app. My particular post on the UX. So much FUD.
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The request is/was about a Windows 10 app.
Just download the app from the Sonos website and you're good to go on the Windows 10 platform.
Thanks beynym. I think we know that. The discussion was about modernising it (from my perspective) and possibly making it available to other device types (from other peoples' perspectives).
See, the problem here is people keep bringing it back to Windows phone/mobile. The request is/was about a Windows 10 app. My particular post on the UX. So much FUD.

You know, I don't think it really matters whether this is about the Windows App, the WM App or even the Apple or Android App... If they stopped development of the the iPhone app, I would switch to Android. Like I said it is much better value than changing my entire Sonos home system for another system like Denon.

You either sail with the ship or you don' I said earlier, if you sell your Sonos equipment on eBay here in the UK then let me know - a personal message with a link will do. If it's a fair price I may certainly bid on some of your items.

It's really that simple... I'm sure Sonos has heard/seen your viewpoint here, but the development decisions are always down to them and those that want to, can either choose to remain with the way the company wants to go ... or disagree and move on.

It appears you want to move over to Denon and stick with Windows (desktop and/or mobile), whereas I am happy to stick with Sonos and ANY controller they choose to develop.

I will change my Sonos controller platform any day, in preference to switching my entire audio system over to Denon, but it's each to their own.
I did have an android device when I first bought Sonos, but have since switched to using an iPhone 5 which I paid approx. £110 for on eBay. In fact I purchased another one recently for use in the bedroom as you can perhaps see here

I chose to do that because I liked the Sonos controller on the iOS device, albeit Android can do some things that the iOS controller doesn't do. A good pre-owned android device can even be got a lot cheaper than the iPhone too.

It never entered my head to change all my Sonos equipment for some other brand, because I was not happy with the controller software.

I thought it best to simply to buy a different controller.... Like I said, that's much better value IMHO.
This forum is about Sonos, and this thread about the controllers, with many people wanting a change. As started, I re-registered to lend my support to those asking for it. I've presented facts, figures and opinions. How's about we focus on those instead of taking the discussion down a personal route eh?

Sonos has clearly, consisely, and without any waffling stated there will be no development of a UWP app. Period. So this thread is more about you beating a deceased horse into shoe leather than it is about anything else. Go enjoy your Denon! Life is too short.
So what is the point of having a customer feedback portal and community if not to question those decisions or request features?

Are we to sit around congratulating ourselves on our purchases and praise Sonos without question?

I mentioned my other purchases to show it is affecting peoples decisions. I wish i hadn't, as it seems some people don't read deeper than that now.

Interestingly the longer you keep responding with sarcastic comments because someone has a different opinion to you, the longer thread continues to stay at the top of the community boards. Maybe even swaying people who are researching their first wireless hi-fi systems too?
Aside from cosmetics, I'm also curious what a 'modern' reworking of the Win32 Controller would yield for desktop users, who presumably continue to use Win32 applications for other purposes. Touch support perhaps.
Yes. For me there are 4 key areas;

- ui refresh; to match look and feel of other apps and the website.
- universal search; I shouldn't have to explain my music services to my guests, not they are looking for a song in "albums"
- touch support; scroll the lists/libraries. Drag a song to it's position in the queue
- auto/background updates; it feels everytime I boot it up recently there's another Apple update (which I don't even use)

I'd like to throw my surface to a guest without the type cover and let them select their songs.

Suppose the device was this;

The current desktop app just cannot hack it.
Universal search could be useful, I'll grant you.

'Apple update'? I don't follow. If you mean 'Sonos update' don't forget that most of the time the firmware also has to update in step. It's bad enough when prompted updates aren't sufficiently scrutinised by the user before clicking 'OK'. The idea of the whole process being entirely automatic would only increase the support calls...

Sonos must have assessed the market trajectories for Win10 mobile and tablet, and decided they would decline into insignificance. The former certainly appears to be living up to expectations.
Yes, I was referring to the Sonos update of the controller. Where a kindle/ipad app updates as they are pushed out, the desktop app checks for updates when launched. Precisely the moment you want to you it!

With regards to trajectories, all market trackers this year point to quite the opposite. In fact, the 2 in 1 devices are the only growing market segment. I have 3 on the house (one is work)

One such example article here:
So what is the point of having a customer feedback portal and community if not to question those decisions or request features?

The time for customer feedback was before the decision. It's your decision now to keep what you have, or move on. You have repeatedly told this forum that you have moved on, so why would you waste the energy here if you are so satisfied with your Denon? You can't see the basic logic in that question? Quite frankly, since you keep posting here, any normal person would assume the praise you have for Denon is all BS, and you would switch back to Sonos in a heartbeat if you could. If that is what you mean by helping people with their purchasing decisions, then have at it. It will only convince people to buy Sonos, and I'm sure Sonos has no fear of you chasing away the Windows Phone users (all 3 of them).
Hi jgatie, I'll refer you back to my post #282 which I believe covers that off.

Happy to debate the finer points of windows phone/mobile market share with you in private if you wish.

I'll repeat, however, my posts have been about the desktop app. You keep dragging it onto mobile, so I'm going to assume now you're either not reading posts, not understanding, or trolling.

In the meantime, thanks for the bump!
Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, who cares? They aren't making one! But wow, that Denon must be just terrible to have you back here pining for Sonos to make you a Windows app. It's kind of embarrassing.
Geez man let it go. I've explained I've still got both sets of kit at the minute. I imagine you think it's in a box on my front porch with a sign saying "free to good home" the way you're going on.

And yes, a you ask so nicely, I don't want to walk away after 4 years. I did have plans to expand my home cinema, and don't want to abandon them either.

But, I'm at a cross roads where the way I enjoy this product seems to be getting left behind and I don't see anything wrong with letting them know I think they've made the wrong decision.