When will "Line-In" return to the new app?

  • 14 May 2024
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Simple question as a dealer/installer/user:  When will the ability to select and control “Line-In” return?  On the “gold” app, it was part of the “Browse” screen at the bottom of the list of services.  IT IS NOW GONE.  One may presume it should have been in the “Your System” area, but who knows?  Whereas I have reviewed many complaints and issues with the deprecation of features in the new app, the inability to control Line-In is not only a devastating loss, but a liability as many users have purchased the products specifically for their ability to support a Line-In.  I am referring to the “Keith N” response of two days ago and the bullet list of the five features/issues that there is a supposed date for them to return.  See image below and there is NO LINE-IN:


9 replies

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In my app I sometimes see line-in and sometimes I don’t, suggesting line-in functionality has been added to the new app but is buggy. This probably explains why its not on the list you referred to, as that list was about features which have not yet been added rather than bugs.

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Nope, that is not the issue.  You can only fully quit an app so many times and restart it and the Line-In never shows up.  Will wait and see if any SONOS authorized rep answers this.

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I mean, I have it and it works. So its not something missing from the app in the same vein as the items in the list that you referred to. If you never see it then it can only be explain by a bug or something local to your system. 

Have you actually plugged something into it? When I said earlier that I sometimes see it and sometimes don’t, I have a suspicion it might hide itself / disappear when nothing is connected/active. I just connected something and it immediately appeared.

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Upon reviewing further, we found that using the GOLD app it senses if a SONOS device supports Line-In or not regardless of anything being attache to it. The BLACK app does not.  Since we have clients that use multiple input devices (CD player, MP3 editor/player, 32 track mixing boards etc.) they don’t always have something “plugged into” the device.  In this case we are testing with the Port.

Further, as it turns out, in order to have the “Line-In” visible, at a minimum you must have BOTH RCA inputs plugged in.  Then the “Line-In” appears.  NOTE: there does NOT have to be any device plugged into the other end in order to have the Line-In appear.

But that is now a secondary issue, as on my iMac computer where the library exists under the SONOS Mac application, SONOS forced an update by rendering the existing, operational version of the S1 Mac app.  Once the new “S2” version was downloaded and installed, it will no longer allow the addition of the Music Library that is hosted on the iMac and synced with the local iTunes Library.  It gives the error 913 that is shown on the attached image AND FROM REVIEWING FURTHER, THIS ISSUE IS BEING REPORTED EXTENSIVELY ON BOTH WINDOWS AND MAC OS COMPUTERS, STARTING YESTERDAY, MAY 14, 2024.  Personal information deliberately redacted.


Same, Android...app updated, i can’t find a line-in option.  This didn’t happen until i rebooted the phone and got the new version.


Also most of the time, it will complain about “No Sonos System” until it realizes its wrong a few seconds later, and as a software engineer, i don’t think you can ignore something about that coincidence.


Wow! This will be the straw that broke the camels back for me. I have my new Mcintosh pre/amp system porting through two outputs (main stereo and Whole home on second output to my connect. Now I cant output line in Vinyl audio to the rest of the house?

Yup this is missing from the android app on my phone.  I can no longer listen to records at all.  This is a deal breaker for me as the ability to connect my record player was the main test for whether to purchase Sonos speakers.  Without this I'll have to sell these and get something else.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm a business major and a software dev and this app change would have flunked someome out of business class, not to mention that I've never worked on a design team that would have approved removing such a main function.  Terrible business decision, Sonos.

I feel like I've been bait and switched and don't think I can trust Sonos or their products again.

I agree, Sonos had proved to be disappointing in the extreme.  The old app was great, helpful and straightforward but sine the change of app I carnot get the line in to play, so no CDs and the whole point of buying Sonos wasted.  A dreadful experience all round.  I just want to play a CD!!