update about additional features coming soon:

  • 20 May 2024
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Informations received from Sonos support yesterday 

-Additional improvements to screen reader for visually impaired customers: May 21

-Adding to queue and playing next: early June

-Sleep timer: mid-June

-Snooze alarms: mid-June

-Local music library search and playback: mid-June

-Update Wi-Fi settings: mid -June




4 replies

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Album art for the local library?

Add library tracks to a playlist?

Create a new playlist?


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When do we get custom stations back like URL radio or NPR-one?


the solution is not to suggest “Tune In” or additional paid monthly workarounds, unless Sonos is arranging for that service to be provided to Sonos users free of charge. 

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Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the features. If you can *please* add the ability to full-screen the now playing and up next queue on (at least) the tablet version I would be extremely grateful. It looks really good on a wall-mounted tablet that way. Currently it looks like just a pop-up (modal). I keep hoping to see the little double-arrow full-screen icon in the corner :)

Take care!

I use a custom service to allow me to stream music from OneDrive. This is missing on iOS and Android. Working with Desktop Mac version. If this doesn't come back, or worse, disappears from Desktop, Sonos will be of little use to me.