unable to add songs in Apple Music to queue with new sonos app

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I just updated to the new Sonos app which looks great. I use Apple Music and there’s no way to select an individual song and add it to a queue. The “play next” and “add to end of queue” options are gone. The only option is “replace queue”.  This is a big bug as I use and revise my queue all the time. Will this be addressed in future updates?

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Queue managelent is not existing at all in the new app. So disappoint8ng. Cannot add a folder to the queue, this is non sense. Please bring back all the functionalities ! Releasing a new version should at least be able to do what was working before. You cannot release a partial software that will be uodated later, this is pure regression. 

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I agree with previous comments and have the same question. When will this retrograde step be fixed. No queue management is madness. I use it, did use it, all the time. My initial reaction is very very negative. Backwards we go. Please resolve asap. If there is a good reason for dropping it please share it. 

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Regressed app due to not being able to use the queue to add songs to the current playlist or delete individual songs in the queue that you want to skip….please restore queue functionality 

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This can’t be right surely. 

I have the same issue - I can only replace a queue as an option. 

SONOS cannot have removed the ability to manage the queue.  What are we missing SONOS?

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Same here. This is a feature I use almost every time I play anything. 
Please add this back asap. 

Same here, tried everything. SONOS, please fix. I like making playlists on the fly. I will be calling them today.

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IKR!!! This is really really really inconvenient and counterintuitive, and absolutely regressive! The in-app help includes a lot about SONOS products, but nit having a queue function, let alone no thingy that shows you how far along the song is, does not make me want to spend money on more products. Priorities please!!

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Shocking how such an everyday feature taken away can screw up your day. 

Sonos, you really letting down. 

Seriously WTH!!!! 

I’m just going to use the Spotify app. No point in using Sonos app if no queue. Muppets. 

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Can’t set an alarm in the new app now I can’t add tracks to a queue - what is the point of this upgrade?


Sitting and adding tracks as the mood takes you was one of the great benefits of the previous app.

I am so frustrated by this!??? What improvement was made? Just inconvenient if you ask me. Back to the yellow app for me. Calling now. 

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Very disappointing that there has been nothing at all from Sonos about this. 

I can’t believe it either. What a shame/sham. 


I also use Apple Music as my primary source.  When I go into the Apple Music source - there is no longer the Recently Played section.  I ALWAYS used this as I frequently “create a station” from a song in Apple Music - then play it on my phone in the car or headphones. Then i want to hear that created station at home on Sonos.  Now that has disappeared completely from the Apple Music section in the new App. 

Additionally I used to have the Recently Played from Apple Music pinned to my app Home Screen. That became nonfunctional after the app upgrade - so I deleted it thinking I would just add it again (hopefully resetting that section) but of course I lost it all because the app no longer has the recently played in the Apple Music section. 

the new app is really turning out to be sub optimal. 

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I just wanted to add my frustration as well. WinAmp had better queue management capability. 

voting by leaving.

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SONOS, please put your old app on the app store so we can go back to using it. The new one is incredibly slow on top of being queueless…

Can someone else make iMusic play through SONOS with a queue, as well as make the app run better?!

Or can someone at sonos ask Apple to do it?

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Hopefully now the headphones have launched someone will be looking at putting things to right.