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  • 11 January 2017
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I have nearly $2000 of Sonos equipment. I love Sonos. Now comes Trueplay for tuning my Sonos speakers. What? Only iOS? Does anyone else here have an Android phone? I have used a Yamaha 4000 sound bar for years with speaker tuning and I love it. I really think Trueplay would improve my Sonos experience so I guess I better get an iPhone? :S:?

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60 replies

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I think everyone who defends Sonos, makes it too easy for them. How hard can it be to bring a microphone to the market, which android users can plug into their phone, which has a similar quality level as an iPhone mic (which can't be more expensive than 5$)? i totally understand, that it is hard to make an app, which gives good truetone quality for all the android devices out there, but why not sell an externel mic?
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Sorry, but the assumption that you can just totter off and 'borrow' an iPhone anytime you want is just silly. It would be far easier to buy a $10 - $20 mic on Amazon and stick in a drawer when I'm done. Having this available only for iCrap is ridiculous.
I agree. It is fine to not have had Android tuning ready at the launch, but two years down the line from then to still not have addressed the needs of Android users is just laziness. Or lack of resources. As the ELAC example quote above shows, it is possible to do if there exists a will to get it done.
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I was looking at buying two Sonos Ones, but learning this throws a wrinkle into things. Having to find an acquaintance who has an Apple device I can use, and getting them to come over to setup my speakers just isn't a viable option for me.
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I am another customer stung by this. There was no advertisement up front that Android user is not fully supported.

If there are too many variation on Android, how about you target the majority first? Samsung galaxy S7 / S8 series?

Or sell separate microphone to calibrate which can be resold/shared for other Android users.

No progress after 2 years on Android trueplay, will be hesitant to invest on Sonos promises... 😞
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A Bluetooth microphone that could be connected to any Android device would make sense to me.

Why market a feature like True Play and then tell most of your audience they have to jump through silly hoops to get it to work and again if they move any devices?
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Why can't they just supply a remote with a mic in it. Job done
I think you've made your point, insertusernamehere. No need to do a "+1" on every single thread that mentions this. Please.

Actually IMO yes i do to show my agreement.
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It does not mention that in Sonos Products page. i.e.

This is what it says about Trueplay in Sonos product page.
"Sonos uses Trueplay tuning to make sure you get the very best sound out of your PLAY:3. No matter where you put it."

With sonos phylosophy of agnostic system and the price, I expected that to just work :P

My mistake though for did not do research (just got over excited with many reviews which often does not mention about this as well).
I love Sonos. Now comes Trueplay for tuning my Sonos speakers. What? Only iOS? Does anyone else here have an Android phone?

Well, ELAC doesn't appear to have a problem doing it with Android phones, so it is feasible. I believe they require a microphone calibration step before the room tuning.
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It's obvious that most of you don't know how calibration works and that mics themselves can be calibrated. I don't think Sonos truly wants to resolve the problem or there software would have an algorithm, and calibration process for any mic. Maybe they think we aren't smart enough to go through the analyzer process... I would prefer to even buy a mic than having to ask around for an iPhone, and install Sonos on someone else's phone. At the cost of the speakers they could build in mics and analyize their invironment and reflections... Or a mic that plugs into the speaker... I had an iPhone and had my speakers tuned, but I switched to Android and when I moved my speakers they sounded terrible, so I turned off trueplay, and I can tell a difference in the clarity of my music. Disappointed that it's been over a year and nothing has changed. But like their soundbar that needs an update, they don't seem in any hurry to fix problems. Instead you can get red, green and yellow speakers. Lol.
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As a 10 year iPhone user, I switched to a Google Pixel 3XL this fall and have no plans on returning to iPhone anytime soon. Last year I spent $2,400 on Sonos speakers. Tonight I discovered that I can no longer tune them because I am not using an Apple iPhone. That is either a pure disregard for your customers or you are saying TruePlay isn't really necessary (unless you're an iPhone user). While I love the sound from my Sonos speakers, they do have a great deal of limitations compared to a much cheaper bluetooth system (i.e. no way to play sound from other applications like bluetooth can). I was willing to work around those limitations, but this TruePlay discovery has a sting to it. You make a Sonos app for my $1,000+ premium phone, but you're not willing to include tuning capabilities unless I am an iPhone user? Either TruePlay is a Sonos feature or it's an Apple feature. Which is it?
The reasons for no Android is the number of different microphones on Android hardware, even within the same model line, makes it impossible to configure the Trueplay algorithm for every one. iPhone mics are standardized to just a few models. so the configuration is possible.

Borrow an iOS device for an hour or so and Trueplay your system. All settings will still apply, and are able to be switched on and off, when controlled via Android.
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Finally able to borrow iPhone and setup Trueplay for both orientation on my Play 3. It improves the sound as other people has mention (less muddy in the mids). It makes it enjoyable to listen now (I almost return the speaker previously).

It will be helpful if Sonos can make a solution for Android (either with selling separate mic or select major brands???).
It is useful for me who don't have many friends with iPhone.
I cannot move my speaker or play around with different placing unless I have iPhone on hand next time.
Also good luck bringing this speaker to South East Asia not many IPhone around :?
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Remember, there are quite a few users like you who only have Android devices, and somehow they muddle along without TruePlay use quite well.

I have; but it would be nice to get TruePlay on Android. I really like the idea of Sonos producing a plug-in mic. This might also make TruePlay on iOS even more accurate.
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To be honest, the users may need to retune the speakers for some reasons... like moved them or reset them etc. Sometimes it's not easy to borrow an IOS device or to bother a friend for such thing. It will be great if there can be a solution for the Android users. Even it will be used for several times, I think a lot of people may rather pay for some 10 or 20 dollars instead of asking someone to borrow a device.
Avec 8 Play:1 et 1 Connect et 1 controller Androïd sur Samsung S7 (87% du marché mondial des smartphones en 2016 !) je m'étonne de l'inertie de Sonos qui ne fait rien pour développer TruePlay sur Android.
And the Android folk should be feeling less upset with Sonos now that they can still stream from their devices, a feature being deleted for only iOS users.
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Figure I'll pile on this thread to keep it active.
I once had to borrow an iOS device to get them tuned at first. Recently relocated my Playbar, renamed the device from my Pixel 2, and of course, lost all my tuning. I no longer have access to an iOS device, so left with a sub-optimal experience 😞 Not cool. Pls, put on the dev planning schedule.
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I'm going to scrweem and scweem until i'm sick unless Sonos provide Trueplay for Android 😉
Just ask any Android app developer/programmer. It is a nightmare making apps for Android. Compatibility issue is a nightmare. You can never make an app compatible with every Android versions floating out there. And you cannot just make an app for latest Android version either. So, stop whining. Get an iPad or borrow an iPad. Simple. Stop bitching about Android.
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Will there ever be an Android version? If not, does anyone wish to purchase my Play 3s?
Much more likely they will use the microphones in their speakers, which have known performance, and obsolete the iOS-dependent process eventually.
The mics on the Sonos one's I have are terrible at picking up my voice especially when they're playing music.
I don't have a Sonos One, but the mic in my Sonos Beam quite often picks up a command intended for a much closer Echo Dot. I guess in that situation there is generally no music playing on the Beam.

I have seen people on here claim that the Sonos mics are not sensitive enough, and others that they are too sensitive. I have no explanation for that!