the app keep telling me to login as do i do that? i deconnect, but then no options to login as administrator

  • 16 May 2024
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I keep disconnect myself from the app and try to reconnect us in the administrator but I have no option for so and it keeps telling me that my speaker is not registered although it keeps lugging in but I have no option I canike news

5 replies

Same problem here with brand new devices. :(

Does anybody known the solution about this problem?

Same here. I have spend 8 hours to try Connect new device. frustrating, the system does not detect WiFi, then it does not detect the device, it disconnects, when I detect it it is not visible in the system, finally it tells me to log in as the owner of the system. I bought the device new and unpacked it myself. very weak, I regret the purchase, I wasted my time and energy on something that should have worked after 5 minutes. completely disappointed

Anyone found a solution?? This is really frustrating tons of money on the products and can’t be able to use!!!!! 

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Return your speakers, Sonos don’t want you to set them up.

And you are?