Sub settings what is phase

  • 25 November 2018
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when setting my sub, what is phase control and where should it be set to 0 or 180

Best answer by Stanley_4 25 November 2018, 20:28

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5 replies

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The phase control chooses what direction the Sub speakers move in response to an input signal.

Choosing is based on how things sound, weak bass, flip the switch and see if it gets better.
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180 when the SUB is placed horizontally, otherwise 0. Either way, phase control has no effect if you are going to Trueplay the SUB.
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Placement of sub should t effect phase
Die Platzierungseinstellung muss nur dann aktiviert werden, wenn der SUB horizontal, also liegend, positioniert wird. In jeglicher 'normalen' Ausrichtung sollte diese Option deaktiviert bleiben.

Rough translation: "The placement setting only needs to be enabled if the SUB is positioned horizontally. For any 'normal' positioning, this option should be disabled."