Sonosnet + Ethernet = ???

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Unless you individually switch a SONOS radio OFF, it will be active with or without an Ethernet connection. If the radios automatically switch OFF when an Ethernet connection is established, there would be no SonosNet wireless mesh and all of the units would need to be wired or you would need to use WiFi. Attempting to have some units use SonosNet and some units use WiFi does not usually work well. (except for ROAM and MOVE that use WiFi exclusively)

Thankyou very much, you have confirmed exactly what I thought I already knew. I think that’s everything that’s rattling round in my head at the minute.

Many thanks, one and all 👍🏻

My question is....if I were to run an ethernet cable from my router in the house to a network switch in the bar, then subsequently hardwire those speakers, would it work??


I get there's STP implications so the switch would need to support that…

Or just use a dumb switch

Another method (that Sonos don’t recommend) is to use EoP devices. I run the downstairs Sonos devices using these and find them much more reliable than any of the Sonos network facilities - others may differ. I use upstairs switch > upstairs EoP > downstairs EoP > downstairs switch > Sonos kit

 If the outside building is powered from your main consumer unit, then it should work.