Sonos S2 system not working well

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I upgraded my Sonos system to S2 a few weeks ago.  I have one Sonos Beam and two Sonos Play:1 speakers.  A complicating factor is that I also switched to a new router a couple of weeks prior to the update, but the system seemed to be working well prior to the software upgrade to S2.


Since the upgrade to S2, the connectivity to my speakers over the Sonos Mac OS X app has been very shoddy.  On many occcasions, one or more speakers will not appear on the menu.  Sometimes I will see the speaker on the menu, but when I attempt to play music I have difficulty getting a song to start.  There are some occasions when the system seems to work, but it seems sporadic. Additionally, my ability to use my Sonos speakers directly from the Spotify application has essentially ceased.


Please help!


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As a bit more explanation,  there are features of most mesh systems that don't sit well with Sonos in WiFi mode. For example, satellites using different wireless channels prevent the direct routing that Sonos uses, and this can degrade performance. It doesn't mean Sonos is buggy and it doesn't mean there is any fault in the network.  But it may still be problematic. SonosNet gets round most such issues. 

What an update can do is disrupt an apparently stable setup, what with all the reboots. That is what may have happened here.

I can't be sure what is causing your problems or promise my suggestions will fix them,  but they might.

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I will give that all a try and report back. Thank you for the detailed explanation


i am having a similar issue.

i am convinced the S2 upgrade degrades the wifi connectivity. Units  that worked perfectly no longer connect  after the upgrade in their identical locations. When Imove them closer to the router they connect; move them back and no more.

what a disgrace !



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Adding my voice to this. 
I thought S2 would be a more reliable platform, but it’s much worse. 
I have 5 speakers through my house on Sonosnet, with a boost. 
Basic things like pressing Pause do not work reliably. The current input takes ages to show on the app. Adjusting the volume is laggy. Sometimes when you open the app, your previous volume settings apply and all of a sudden the volume jumps up. It’s ridiculous.
Please put your software development energy into making play controls and volume adjustment work smoothly instead of pointless crap like the current updates have given us. 

curious to know if your stuff is the newer models or so-called legacy products. 

in other words, do the current models avoid  the problem. 

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curious to know if your stuff is the newer models or so-called legacy products. 

in other words, do the current models avoid  the problem. 

No it’s all S2 gen stuff. 

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are you out of your mind with that response? I’ve been a network admin for 25 years, I know it’s not my network. We’re all having the exact same issues after upgrading. How dare you come and piss all over our issues just because yours works fine. You're the worst kinda internet troll. Piss off, there is a problem with the app update %100. going from S1 to S2. I’m listening to constant dropouts and the app itself slow down and locks up.

In my long experience on this forum providing helpful advice (not trolling) I have learned that someone being in netwrk admin makes it less likely, not more likely, that they will be correct about the nature of the problem.  I am not p***ing on your problems either - just pointing out that ff you don’t tackle whatever is causing the problems you are experiencing, but just call on Sonos to ‘fix’ it, you are never gong to find a solution.

And for a start, the app is just a remote control, so what you are doing if you blame the app update is the equivalent of blaming your TV remote because there is a problem with your  TV. 

The app update also upgrades the firmware on the speakers, which was a major upgrade and affected the functioning of the speakers

I won’t get into flame war with you but the S2 controller/Firmware update has serious issues.


The S2 controller/Firmware update has had no issues whatsoever for me.  Obviously different users have different setups, and I can only speak for myself.

But I stick by my claim that if there were really generic bugs in S2 there would be VASTLY more complaints about it on this forum.

As an example, the Arc launched with a bug affecting the base in certain circumstances.  At this point the proportion of all users who were affected was minuscule, but within days there were hundreds of posts.  If S2 were generically and seriously buggy, there would be millions of users affected.  The forum would be swamped.  It isn’t.

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Hi all,


I am having similar issues. Since the upgrade to S2 i have wifi and sonosnet connectivity problems.


The speakers are Just a few meters apart from each other but the network is far from stable now.


I have tried different methods: sonosnet, wifi on different channels, reboot speakers, modem and reset factory settings etc etc but the app still reacts laggy and buggy.


I have no Idea what to do now.

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Hereby a screenshot of the 'about my system' part in the Sonos app. No info for now, IT should come up in a few minutes. The speaker is Just a few meters away from a Netgear r7000 router with a hoge wifi range. 


When im 20 meters away outside,  still have wifi connection on my other devices. On the S1 Sonos firmware i never had these issues.



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Hello, please find the screen below which comes from my router.


Line 2 and 4 are 2 Sonos speakers which disconnect alle the time. But loo at the signal strenght, which is around 90%.


Therefore i think that the issues come from the S2 firmware, as ive said i never experienced this before.

Thank you Sonos!

I was having major issues similar to the above comments in this thread… I came here looking about a month ago in an effort to find out what I could do to get my Sonos back to its former reliable selft. Since upgrading to Sonos 2 a few months back it has been nothing but hair pulling… Until.. I download the latest update about a couple of weeks back. Instantly fixed all issues!.. No more wifi dropping out, no more speakers not appearing, no more “app cant find a sono system” issues.

My love for this system has be rejuvenated. :-*

I also had major problems after upgrading the system to S2 today, with only one of my five speakers (IKEA Symfonisk) appearing in the app. The others did show up randomly – but not consistently, and the whole system was laggy and unreliable.

It seems the problem was in that a few weeks ago I had connected (the only visible) speaker with an ethernet cable, thinking it would auto-disable the WiFi on the speaker. It turned out this was not the case, but you’ll need to disable the WiFi manually through the Sonos app. After disabling the unnecessary WiFi connection, everything just started to work as expected, and the rest of the speakers showed up. For some reason, this caused major issues only after the S2 upgrade.

Hope this helps someone with similar issues. It would certainly help if the Sonos app would give more useful debug information when things are not working...

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When you connect one of the speakers by cable while keeping wifi on, it creates a Sonosnet. All your speakers connect to that and not your wifi. If this cabled speaker is not near the center of all you speakers, Sonosnet will work less well than wifi for the other speakers. When you disable wifi on your cabled speaker the others speakers will have reverted to wifi.

Wow, was not aware of that, but this behaviour makes a lot more sense now (cabled speaker was not at the center). Thanks for the info 106rallye!

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Thank you to the Sonos staff who assisted in my initial inquiry.  I actually switched ISP’s and when I did so, I uncovered a few problems with my router settings.  The problems were fixed by adjusting the QoS settings (ideally, turn it off entirely), disabling device priorities, and disabling HomeCare features.  My Sonos connectivity is now much improved.

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This is the article that solved my problem, both with the speeds I was getting as well as with reliability of Sonos connectivity.

Add me to the list of frustrated users of the S2 platform. I get so many Error 701 messages when trying to play music that the system is no longer enjoyable. The soundbar and sub are great when using the TV, but trying to play music is now frustrating to the point that I give up. 

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Following this thread with interest.

I’m also finding S2 laggy and unresponsive. No dropouts though.

I’m on iOS with the latest firmware and v12.1 on the Controller. Static IP’s for every device in the house and SonosNet.

Everything was fine with S1 but now I just find S2 unresponsive when I first try to use it, sometimes closing the app and restarting it is quicker to use it than waiting for it to respond.

i have also been fighting with the Sonos App2 since upgrade.  i just now decided to google “issues with sonos app2” and found this community thread.  it’s so frustrating!  it’s not always finding each room, it shows it’s playing but it’s not playing, it will not group, it’s very off/on…. continuously throughout the day.  everyday!  we re-start the internet many of times and still have issues.

New to this chat, but all the above reads like my daily playbook.

S1 was seamless 100% (never a single issue), forced to update to S2 a few months ago and now my days are filled with Sonos hate.

Turn on, cant play a song. Works fine direct on Spotify, but Sonos fails to find it. Restart everything in sequence, and get the same outcome. Try a few more songs, same thing. Then after half an hour, the first song I tried magically starts playing. Loud (yesterday’s volume), so I use the app to turn it down. After about a minute, this happens. This doesn’t always happen, but I’d say maybe 4 days a week. Not what I signed up for.


I’m the IT director of a company, so I know what to test first. Done it a hundred times and this is 100% an app fault.


Getting to the point that I’m thinking about putting my whole house system on eBay. I feel cheated, as I’ve spent a ton of cash on this, and it worked like a dream until S2. It’s supposed to enhance your life, not make it worse.
I used to think Sonos was the future. Disappointingly, It’s rapidly becoming the past.

I find it unusual that someone in a position of an IT director hasn’t contacted Sonos directly to seek assistance in resolving their issues. 

Bruce, it’s where i started. I just didn’t want to waste words on it. It was so useless, it was irrelevant. They read off a condescending script, and try to blame my set up. 
Thanks for the support.

I am frustrated beyond belief.  I have 8 Sonos speakers and a sub and Playbar.  Everything worked fine on the original Sonos app, but since upgrading, I can’t connect my speakers unless at least one is plugged into my router.  I could get some speakers to work but then they disappeared from the app.  I even deleted the app and two speakers continued to play and then I couldn’t turn them off because they were no longer on the app.  Sonos 1 was amazing and I had no issues.  I just want my old connections back.  i can’t even begin to count the number of hours I have spent rebooting, resetting and reconnecting with no success.  This is so disappointing.  I need to find a solution because this is not acceptable and after reading all of these posts, there is a huge issue going on here and it needs to be resolved.  

I'm hesitating upgrading to S2. 


I have a playbar, sub and 2 play 1s with a boost, which are all S2 compatible.


But after hearing all the horror stories, I'm not game. 


I just want the app functionality back. 


If you have problems, can you revert back to S1? 


Thanks in advance.