Sonos S2 14.18.2 notification: stopping the service may interrupt playback notifications

  • 8 November 2022
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Since my Sonos app was updated to version 14.18.2 I get constant the following notification:

Sonos: Stopping the service may interrupt playback notifications


I can disable it if I uncheck the Background Services Notification, but this should not be the solution…

Samsung S21 Ultra running Android 13 

62 replies

Same issue for me, really annoying! Galaxy S21 android 13. Please fix

Same for me.


Very frustrating considering I have updated some hardware in order to be 100% compatible with the S2 app.  I didnt have this issue with S1


Google Pixel 5

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Same issue Pixel 7 Android 13 Sonos app 14.20.1

Seems to be symptomatic of a general decline, Sonos used to be so good, it always just worked. More recently it has become less reliable. Useless notifications in the app, products disappear from app but (sometimes) visible and useable in desktop controller, stereo pair separates for no obvious reason, sporadically slow app, hobbled desktop controller, Google assistant slow and unreliable on One and Roam. Was going to upgrade from Playbar to Arc, but not going to bother now.

same here, ZTE Axon 30, one of those weird notifications that seem to plague Sonos on android (but not iOS)

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Getting the same problem on huawei running S1. Hopefully a fix is on the way 

Same for me.


Very frustrating considering I have updated some hardware in order to be 100% compatible with the S2 app.  I didnt have this issue with S1


Google Pixel 5

I still have S1 and see the same annoying notification as everyone else.

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Version 15.1 still the same issue…


Any update from Sonos on this issue?

Fix your goddamn app Sonos, this has been months and months. Wouldn't be so bad if you could clear the notification but you can't.  Work around doesn't seem to work on 15.1, now I can't see my controller.

Just adding a "me too." Android. Super annoying.

So  I registered here to create a post about how this and when I was typing the Subject, it popped up and linked me to this thread where it has already been discussed, so let me just add myself to the list of Sonos users who really wish this would get fixed.

Not sure why we need this notification, not exactly groundbreaking info.  And I don’t want to turn off notifications, just want ability to not have THIS notification.

On a Pixel 7 if that helps at all...


Can we please get this fixed?


Somehow it’s now getting worse for me in the sense that I clear it after I open it up and then a few minutes later it just pops back up, whereas before it only seemed to come up when I first opened the App.  Super annoying for an otherwise fantastic product and software.


So I made a short little video to illustrate how ridiculous and frustrating this is in real life usage:


PLEASE fix this. And, to be clear, an actual fix and not some stop-gap ‘just turn off all of your notifications’ as has been suggested here in this thread.  The biggest selling point when I tell people about Sonos is the fantastic Software -- from initial setup, to general everyday use, it’s been fantastic and why my entire house is littered with Sonos products.  But this, to put it plainly, sucks.  It sucks and it’s an obvious problem that a lot of people are experiencing that didn’t occur before.  PLEASE FIX IT.


Im done.

SUPER disappointed.  It's been at least 4 months.  Such a silly issue to let linger. 

Was a little excited when I saw the official Era pre-orders, but not upgrading.  Might sound over the top -- the speakers are great, but what always tipped the scales for me to Sonos was the software.  But stuff like this is beyond annoying.  


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@Sonos this bug is now more than 4 months old, and version 15.2 did also not resolve it…


When will this be solved ?

Same annoying issue here. Disabled the notification for Background Services as a workaround. Hope there will be fix by Sonos soon.