Problem controlling One when grouped with Arc

  • 13 December 2021
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I have an Arc with surrounds (play:1) in my Living Room, and a One in my open plan kitchen, grouped so I can I play TV sound in the kitchen when cooking etc. and want to mute the kitchen speaker at other times. 
I have a Harmony Elite remote, and my tv activities include the Living Room (arc+surrounds) and Kitchen speakers. I assign a button on the remote to ‘Mute’ the Kitchen speaker. But it Mutes the arc instead?

I have deleted and recreated the activity several times. Then I realised that even in the Sonos app, the muting is not working as it should.  It seems it only works If I use a Play:1 in the kitchen, but I’d like Alexa here. Any ideas?

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2 replies

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You lost me at Harmony Elite Remote.  Mine went in the bin a while back.  I’d have sold it but did not want to inflict such hell on another person.  Hope you find a solution.

thanks, but it’s not the Harmony that is the problem. As I noted, the speaker does not mute correctly through the Sonos app either.