pixel 7 home screen volume control

  • 16 December 2022
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Here we go again, new phone and Sonos volume control does not work from lock screen, either it be the volume buttons or the widget. Sonos has done it again! have been through all in app settings aswel as security settings, I have a pixel 7. 


I have to physically unlock phone and then able to change volume .... Good security hey.. 


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5 replies

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Hi @Polarity 

Thanks for your post!

Please ensure you have the Android notifications for Sonos background services enabled. Android Settings » Notifications » Sonos » Background Services

I hope this helps - if not, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team directly.

I have the same problem as well!

Pixel 7 Pro, Android 13.

Checked everything in the Sonos app, background service, deactivated Live Caption and Identify music. Nothing helps...

I have the same issue with Pixel 6a, Android 13 and also checked all the setting several times, still doesn't work.

What did the technical support team suggest, when you contacted them? 

It's ** from Sonos.

They want us to use Sonos-app as the prime music service. If we do so we can adjust volume if we slide down from top and open up the notification and chose "adjust volume"

I do also have complaint on the fact that Spotify is not playing the list in same order as shown on the screen. It will be correct if we play the list in the Sonos app!

Same ** with crossfading; works fine when using Sonos app as music service. Trying to play Spotify on Sonos speaker = no crossfade.


The support "pretends to know nothing"


I hate Sonos for this. I spend my cash on brilliant speakers, not for a new music service limited to their own speaker.


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