More issues with Apple Music on Roam and Move

  • 15 June 2024
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After many hours of frustration with my full system and Apple Music (especially Lossless) with some help from this community, I used a workaround to switch to SonosNet by wiring one speaker.   This worked for me and ended the constant dropouts, loud bursts, delays, lag, etc.  See this post…


Now a new issue…. I’m travelling in my RV with just a Roam and a Move (I know - “roughing it”).   Roam and Move show up in the app via “connect to new system”, and start and sync up immediately.   However within a song or 2, both will go silent, while the app still shows them as playing.   No errors, no sound.   Skipping, scrubbing, etc. does nothing.    Only happening with Apple Music.   I can stream perfectly fine from Amazon Music.  Suspect this may be the new Lossless support - but have no way of disabling it to test.

Anyone else having Apple Music issues like this? 

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