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The lowest volume is too high. I'd like to make use of the sleep-function of the play 3. Works flawlessly, but the lowest volume is still too high. Please set the lowest volume to be less loud, so i can fall asleep peacefully with some music.

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HELLO SONOS: Can you please fix this issue!? What's up with ignoring so many people/customers with the same issues?? This has been an issue and a tread for more than 2 years now. It's simple, So get on with it - pls. Also- how very kind it would be to respond thoroughly to the remarks in here. People spend a lot of time and energy addressing these issues, the least you can do is to acknowledge your customers and answer. Thank you.
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Can't be that i'm the only one running into this issue? 🙂
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Same for me here. Lowest volume is still too high (at night working at my desk). I suggest that rather than having a linear scale/progression, the volume follows some exponential curve where it progresses very slowly at lower volume and much more at higher volume. In my understanding this would conform the ears perception (dB) of volume.
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Hey Sonos - I also feel the lowest volume setting is too high (using Sonos as office background playback) - Can we have your feedback, view or intent, please?

The fix is simple as you introduce a basic software DSP (fader) to reduce the overall track volumes before amplification. Some good suggestions here are to give us another slider/button to dampen the overall volume (i.e. 0-90% overall dampening steps in addition to the current volume control) - This will fix the low volume problem as well as the problem with limit of max volume.

Please give us, the community, a little feedback instead of hiding behind the wall of silence

Thomas (London, UK)
6xPlay1,1xPlay5, 1xPlaybar, 3xBridge, 1xBoost ...
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I found this thread and I have the same problem that the minimum volume is too high.

@Sonos, Is there a hardware limitation through an analog volume control IC or is mixing done completely done in software before D/A conversion happens. If later, it shouldn't be too difficult to fix that in software?

I am new to Sonos with two Play 1 units. I also find the minimum too high. For starters, try reducing the current minimum level 3 - 6 db. "Bothering support", on this issue I feel is called constructive criticism, a way for concerned companies to improve products. I really like the products but why not make improvements. Please don't rest on the past successes. Remember the customers who do not complain typically do not return.
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Don't know how or why, but it seems that the issue is getting worse with time... :@
I know, yesterday I've opened a case at sonos, let's see! Maybe we all should, so it gains visibility within sonos!

Yep, they replied back that they will forward it to their R&D team as feature request!

As we all knoe how this works, such feature request require a big number of customer requests!

I encourage you all to open a ticket at sonos support, its straight forward! Just emailaddress and description. https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/ask

Together we might be able to get this changed!!
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Another issue is the use of a slider as a volume control...especially when trying to adjust small differences like when in bed,.. seems to be hard to adjust it slightly with a finger...why not have a + and - button so it can be done far more precisely?..on a. scale. of say 1 to 100?
+1. I, too, need this.
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+1. Just adding my voice to the chorus that the lowest volume is too high - noticing it on my Playbase when I like to have a game on as soft as possible but just loud enough to hear a crowd cheer (for example, while I'm multi-tasking on my computer and typing this on the forum). Sonos, please add more granularity.
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Hi everyone, starting today with Sonos 9.2 there's the ability to use the mobile controller for Android or iOS to set a maximum volume for each of your Sonos players. The reason I bring it up in here, is that if you have the maximum volume set at 50%, the whole volume bar will still go from 0-100, but 100% will now reflect what your volume limit is set to. This has the added benefit of being able to get more granular control of players at low volume, as the volume steps will scale up or down with the max volume.

So, if you never set your players above a certain volume, this is a great chance to improve the control at lower volumes, and also decrease the minimum volume level. Play around with it and see if this helps with what you're looking for.
John, so listening to classical music or watching the news at 100% volume is a priority? Because that is totally possible today.

How much listening time do you spend with the volume on the lower half (0-50%) compared to the upper half (50-100%)? I might be the odd bird here, but every Sonos owner I know (including myself) seldom use the upper half at all. (Not saying I don't enjoy pumping it up from time to time - I do, and I love the sound).

But just because you buy a sports car and like to be able to go at 350km/h on occasion, it doesn't mean that 350km/h is anywhere near your average speed in total or that there isn't a usecase for being able to drive at lower speeds.

Is the ability to lower your volume further something that would inflict any inconvenience at all from your part as a customer? If not - why are you arguing with me?
It is a perfectly reasonable thing to request, it is clearly wanted by some users and I hope you get your wish. I find the minimum volume almost inaudible and never play anything at that level, but I realise others feel differently.
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Also me, and I have written some posts on fade in & fade out step which are fixed and graceful.
It is indeed difficult to set or change low volume from the app (volume control is too small and maybe a +- should be added) and from the speaker (too high sensitivity).
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I'm setting it through both phone and sonos. Problem is, it turns off too soon. I'd like to have more steps at lower volume, so that i can set it a bit more quiet.
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Make sure loudness is turned off as well in the equalizer
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I did try both turning off loudness as well as bass and treble. Unfortunately it is still 50% too loud
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Any news on this Sonos?

Still having nightly fights with my girlfriend about the volume levels :)

should be a quick fix, i presume?
I have the same problem here.
The minimum volume level is NOT low enough. I can not imagine that this can not be fixed easily
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The highest volumes are too high, I never use them. I'd like te be able to fine tune the lower volumes in an easy way using my iPad or computer. My suggestion is two volumebars instead of one: one for the first 10% and one for the other 90% of possible volume. It's like being able to "zoom in" on the lower spectrum.

Interesting suggestion, I'll pass it on to the team for you. On the high end, I do know plenty of people who love upsetting their neighbors and playing some tracks as loud as possible. Thanks!
In my case we hardly ever use volumes in the highest 60% of the slider bar. We're mostly fiddling in the first few pixels to get a good background music volume.

My suggestion: It would be great if I could set the upper value of the slider in my settings. In that way I could use the entire range of the volume slider.
I agree that the volume level needs greater control at the lower end. I have just moved from a Connect amp with Speakers and Sub to Play 1 and Sub.

I had no problems achieving a good listening level with the Connect and usually had it about a third of the way up. Now with the Play 1 set up the volume slider is barely moved from the bottom and fine control is almost impossible.

These threads on this issue are over two years old so it looks like Sonos will not address this, but i wish they would understand that not everyone wants to blast it out all the time and greater control at the lower end is a simple request that could be easily implemented.
I completely agree. I think it would be better suited to an exponential curve kind of function. That sounded pretty technical for me.
It is so sad this is still something discussed in the community - instead of something addressed by SONOS!
I couldn't agree more. We have used a PLAY:1 in our bedroom for more than a year now, and the music playing is far too loud most of the time.

The volume scale tells me I am listening at "1/100" - meaning it can be 100 TIMES AS LOUD!! That is crazy! In the silent night, I have no problem hearing the music from any part of the apartment. I believe "1/100" should be like a whisper. And "50/100" should be around where you would consider the party getting started. As have been stated by others: We rarely use any volume setting above 20 on any part of our SONOS system, on any occasion. That means I have 80 % of the scale labeled "useless". If this isn't fixed by the time I need to change any part of the system, I am close to deeming SONOS itself "useless" and go for someone who listens to their customers.