FULL spotify integration (and other 3rd parties)

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Now while its great to see that Spotify radio is going to make it into the Controller app, having used Spotify for a few weeks now on my Sonos system i think Sonos need to go a step further. In effect i think that the spotify app, for ipad for instance needs full integration into the Sonos system (as it does for Napseter etc) What ive found annoying to date is that if im playing a tune on my Sonos system that i like, i then have to go to the Spotify app, search, and find that tune, then click on the star button for example so that its added to my Sonos Controller. That kind of functionality should be included by default.

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Spotify integration (or lack of) has put a hold on me further investing in Sonos. It would be great to have an update.

I guess the update is that they just released 5.5 which gave us Spotify users 'some' of the Radio functions, 'some' of the Your Music functions and Genre, Moode and 'Now' (time based) Playlists. At the same time it also broke playlist folders.

Whilst its a step in the right direction, it only moves the 'Spotify on Sonos' featureset from a 1/10 to 3/10.
Wow! I've been so distracted and out of town lately that I didn't even notice that Sonos added support for My Albums! I'm so terribly excited about this addition to the previous round of Spotify updates! I can't comment on the Radio functions as I'm not a big user there, but this really rounds out my personal experience with Spotify on Sonos.

What a great holiday present, ya'll! Thanks for all the hard work and many happy returns. May you get some time off to decompress from a season full of milestone hardware/firmware/software releases...
And when you come back maybe you could get the Follow Playlist feature online? I know. Never satisfied. But. Thinking that's a big one for most Spotify users...?

Anyway. Thanks again and Happy Holly Daze!
Just received my PLAY:1. I assumed (I guess wrongly) that I'd simply be able to set-up the speaker as another device, like Airplay. So any sound from my Mac or through the Android app could be piped through.

Am I right in assuming I instead have to use the Sonos controlled for *everything*? e.g. it's not gonna be appear in my Spotify 'device list', and instead I've gotta search through the Sonos app for all tracks?

I'm hoping I'm completely wrong?
At this time, the only music service that can play directly from the native app is Google Play Music. There is some talk to allow streaming from an app in the future, but nothing concrete. Note there is a workaround to include Bluetooth, Chromecast Audio and/or Airplay by connecting the appropriate adapter to a Sonos unit with a line-in (Connect, Connect:Amp, Play:5).
Please add ability to play genre based Spotify radio on sonos! Why can it cope with artist and song radio but not genres?
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Hi everyone,

With the newest software update you can now control your Sonos system through the Spotify app. You can read more about this here.