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I would very much like to see an enhancement added to the controller app, especially for the desktop.

There are at least two functions I would like to see the elimination of the pop up confirmation: Update Music Library Now, and, Clear Queue. There could be others but they don’t spring to mind at the moment.

My suggestion is to add a setting that would be referenced when the two functions mentioned above are used. I would describe it as an expert setting. When set to expert mode, those annoying pop up confirmations would not be presented. The end result would be a 1 button click experience where either the music library would be re-indexed or the list of items in the queue would be cleared.

My thought would be to add another high level item in the Settings list after Additional Usage Data. Call it Expert Settings. When selected, the right side would present controls like those of EQ: a label “Expert Setting for:” then a drop down with a list containing “Library Update” and “Now Playing Queue”. Once an item in the list has been selected then below show the current mode along with a toggle function to enable or disable expert mode.

How can I submit such a request?


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The Desktop controllers are in maintenance-only mode and have been for a year or two. Chances of getting any feature changes: pretty much zero if you ask me.

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I was not aware of that.

That’s disappointing to say the least.

I can understand why something like the CR100 is gone when a better substitute like an iOS or Android device is available. But the desktop app represents a still viable platform -- Windows is not going anywhere any time soon. And, besides, the desktop controller is how I interact with the Sonos system 99.5% of the time -- no exaggeration.

Color me sad. It removes just a little bit more of the enthusiasm I once had for Sonos.


One can imagine that choice was made after looking at usage patterns on the whole. If less than a certain percentage are using X (as an estimate, let’s say less than 1% of all users) and the maintenance cost is 20X, it may make sense to deprioritize, and put those resources on new features that garner new sales. 

Not ideal for folks like you, who are in that ‘x’ percentage, unfortunately. I certainly used to be, but have moved over time to either voice commands via Echo, or iOS interface for more complex functions, and barely open the controller these days on either desktop OS. 

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I understand the decision process -- more than you might suspect -- but I don’t like the result.

I guess I’m stuck -- for a good reason. I do a lot of work using traditional PCs and servers. And using the desktop Windows controller is quick and easy for me.

Up until a while back, my programming efforts include using a MBP and Xcode but then things evolved away from Objective-C to Swift. After falling farther behind on the Swift curve, I stop splitting my time between Apple and Microsoft. The MBP is gone and now I’m 100% Windows. And while I have other iDevices, I don’t find the Sonos controller app to my liking. If my request for an Expert modality were to appear in the iOS app then I suspect my use of the controller app on those devices would probably increase.

As an aside, tell me: how well does the voice interface work for you when the volume is cranked up to 11? Say you are listening to music and have it playing loudly but you have an incoming telephone call. How do you either pause the music or quickly lower the volume in order to take the call and to take the call using a speaker phone? TIA


I rarely crank it up to 11, so my advice is suspect. And I use separate Echo devices, rather than the mic’s built in, so I don’t know how effective the software in Sonos is, but I have noticed that the Echo Dots can be challenged in ‘hearing me’ when the speaker is right next to them. I’ve just moved, and my current placement of these is changing, but previously, I never had an issue, with all devices separated by at least a few feet. Right now, one is about 6 inches from the speaker, and I’m occasionally having trouble with it ‘hearing’ me. But not consistently, which is interesting, and might bear more investigation with both volume and type of music as variables. 

For phone calls, I always pause the music, before I answer the phone.