Era300 + Philips Hue + Spotify (CROSSFADE not working)

  • 2 January 2024
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Hi - I have two Era300s, a spotify account and Philips Hue lights set up for a disco night.  So I need the lights flashing/beating in order to have the disco party.  I control the playlist through the spotify account which in turn links the sound to the sonos speakers and hue lights together

Problem - I cannot crossfade the songs when using the spotify app on my android phone AND philips hue lights are synced.  Does anyone know how crossfade works in this situation?

(crossfade works fine if just using the sonos app & spotify, but bring Philips Hue into the equation, and the crossfade option is “faded out” on the spotify app under user settings)

Its doing my head in because when a song finishes, the philips hue lights return to ‘normal’ for about 10 seconds and only start flashing/beating when the next song starts, so there is this ‘gap’ between songs.  Crossfading would stop this as there isnt a natural end to one song, and start to another - it all gets mixed together. 

Hope someone can let me know if I am doing something wrong, or is this not possible?


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2 replies

No, I do not personally believe you’re missing anything here, Spotify disable their ‘crossfade’ playback options when using ‘direct control’ playback over Sonos speakers, either with, or without Hue Sync.

I’m guessing you would need to put it forward as a feature request to Spotify, but I’m sure I’ve seen others mention this in the ‘distant’ past and so maybe there are some technical difficulties to implement the feature across the two platforms (Spotify and Sonos) and perhaps not enough call from their customers to make it happen. Anyway +1 from me for the feature.

Hi Ken - ah OK, thanks for letting me know.  Thats a shame, its something they need to add onto their ‘to do’ list then, it would be a great feature