Default search source in windows app.

  • 7 September 2023
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How do I set the default search source to music library? I think the app used to default to the last used source (?) but now every time I start the app it defaults to Sonos Radio. I never use Sonos Radio and I never will so it means extra clicks every time I start the app. Very irritatong.


Just for disclosure I do have an issue with the way Sonos Radio is forced on us and previously posted about how the mobile app prioritises SR search results over, for example, my Youtube Music service. Sonos have never “fixed” this - indeed, it seems to me they are intent on making things worse by changing the Windows app to try and force SR on me there too!


I really, really hate this - just please, please, please let me use your speakers MY WAY! All I want is for SR to disappear, if one chooses to do so. I don’t care if it’s there as an initial default, but please just let us remove, even if it’s buried in the settings somewhere.

3 replies

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Weird. The PC app remembers the last selected Search target for me.

(My own Windows app always defaults to Music Library FWIW).

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Hmm, I just tried loading and closing the app about a dozen times and, actually, it isn’t defaulting to Sonos Radio all the time, sometimes it opens on one of the others! My first run of tests did all go to SR, which was maybe coincidence, but now it’s more random! It’s definitely not defaulting to the last used one all the time though… which is strange in itself, based on previous use.


I still hate Sonos Radio though! 😝😂

I think the initial search context is also influenced by the content on the current room.