ZP100 connecting problem

  • 11 September 2021
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I try to add zp 100 to my sonos 1 and 5 system.

my present system recognizes the zp 100 and the green light is blinking. System asks to load S1 controller. When doing that it seems like the controller was not loaded and the situation is static- nothing happens. What to do?


Best answer by ratty 11 September 2021, 12:08

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5 replies

Has the ZP100 been sitting, unused for a few years? Are any other SONOS units on your network? Is there an S2 system on your network?

My current system is 2 x Play 1 and 1 x Play 5.

Now I have an opportunity to add ZP100 and 80 from a friend that has not used them for some years.

My plan is to create another  individual system with these ZP units at another location but want to check first if they function.

The ZP 100 is connected with ethernet to  my present system via  the router.

I have  S2 in my iPhone 11 to control the system.

You can’t add the ZP100 to your system as that’s running S2.

Power off the existing system.

Install the S1 controller app on your phone from the app store.

Set up a new system with the ZP100 (and ZP80) using the S1 app.

Hi ratty,

i have tried to install the S1 controller but it just flashes further and lets me waiting and nothing happens….

i have understood that one can handle all S1 related things through the S2 system….

ZP100 is incompatible with S2. You must use the S1 controller. To avoid any conflicts ensure that the S2 system is powered off.

Reset the S1 controller. 

Wire the ZP100 by Ethernet.

Factory reset the ZP100.

Restart the S1 controller and tell it you want to create a new system.