ZonePlayer ZP90 runs for a while then dissappears

  • 3 June 2023
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Over the past month my ZP90 is disappearing from the network.  It worked great for years, but now when I power it up it appears in the App and plays music, but after a time it stops playing music and disappears from the app.  The white lights are on while it’s working and after it stops working.

It’s been getting worse.  Originally I could cold boot it and it would last for weeks; then days; and now minutes.

 Can you please help me diagnose and fix the issue?

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9 replies


Sonos doesn’t support internet over power line devices. Sometimes they work fine, other times, it’s a crap shoot. Sonos just can’t support the variability. 

In this case the device was downstream, but I think it was a contributing factor.

Having had the ZP90 on WiFi all day without a hiccup I’m calling this case closed.

Thank you all for your help and guidance!


Sonos doesn’t support internet over power line devices. Sometimes they work fine, other times, it’s a crap shoot. Sonos just can’t support the variability. 


Potential good news, I kept waiting for it to fall offline after I took it apart and powered it up on the bench - but it never did.  So I went to bed.

This morning it’s still online.  And it was grouped, so presumably it has been playing music, though I don’t currently have it attached to an audio device.

Heat is a thought, but more likely I think it’s network,  I had been using it as a network switch, so hard wired and then out of the other port to one of those IP-over-powerline widgets.

I’m going to put it back together, leave it on WiFi and see how it does.



Ok, so currently it’s online  (I grabbed a diagnostic per Buzz’s suggestion)

Of the power leads

    Yellow is 13.65v

    Brown is 0

    Red is 3.245

Does this sound nominal?  I’m surprised brown is 0

As soon as it goes offline I’ll check to see what those values are.  I suspect they’ll stay the same.

What I don’t have is a thermal camera that I can use to zero anything running unusually hot, but I’ve got one at work I can bring home next week.



Ooh, I’m liking this.  I’m pretty dang good with a rework station but I can’t diagnose worth a crap.  I’ll just start swapping Caps until it comes back to life, starting with the ones discussed above :-)


Thank you!


There are various DIY repair discussions. A quick search turned up this one.

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There’s another thread that describes the capacitors in 10+yr old Sonos gear failing in the power supply, which causes symptoms like this. You’ve had a good decade from your ZP, time to replace it (or break out the soldering iron and try and fix it yourself).

Edit: this is the answer I am talking about

The best option is a potential duplicate IP address issue, brought on by a software update forcing a reboot of the device, and getting faulty information from your router. The worst case is hardware failure (potential overheating?) causing it to fault out. 

As @buzz suggests, a diagnostic with 10 minutes of a failure, followed by a call to Sonos would likely be able to pin it down, one way or the other, 

Likely, this is a ZP90 hardware issue. Unfortunately, SONOS does not provide service or hardware documentation. In Europe there are a few independent companies that offer service.

In order to help prove the hardware issue, submit a diagnostic (note the confirmation number) and contact SONOS support. The best plan would be to submit while the unit is functioning and again immediately after a failure.