Sonos Connect AMP - No Green Light

  • 29 March 2023
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After factory resetting the Sonos Connect AMP, I am unable to add the device to my account.

I press the play/pause button as I connect the power cord and wait 15 seconds until the lights begin flashing white and orange, but the lights never begin flashing green in order to show the reboot is complete.

In addition, if I attempt to add the Sonos Connect AMP to my account while the lights are flashing orange/white I can never get past pressing the play/pause button to connect the device.

Really appreciate any help on this.



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 29 March 2023, 23:13

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2 replies

I’ve seen one ‘almost identical’ post from a different user in the (distant) past, but sadly it turned out that their ‘old’ Connect:Amp had a hardware fault - IIRC it was a failed memory chip. I think they contacted Sonos support and later replaced it with a newer Sonos Amp. 

So I fear the worst here, but it is perhaps still worth contacting Sonos Support and see what they can perhaps recommend to try. Here is a link to contact them:

Anyone else have an explanation for that? Just spent 75min on the phone with Sonos Support and all I got at the end was: try it all again later.