Port with Fluance puttering noise in background

  • 4 June 2023
  • 2 replies

I have a Fluance RT81 with built in amplifier. I hear a low puttering noise in the background, all the time. It’s erratic in pattern and volume, but constant. 

When I turn the gain down (source) it decreases, but using the app volume control while playing music, you can hear it.  I’ve reconnected the cables, rebooted everything, but the puttering is still there. 

Any ideas? 


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2 replies

Have you checked the line in with another source? I’m wondering if the ‘flutter’ is coming from the Fluance, and not the Sonos. 

What output are you using on the Fluance? Is it a variable source, or a line level output?

Do you hear this sound when the cartridge is above but not touching the record? Does the noise vary with arm position? Is the platter rotating or not when you hear this sound? What happens if you remove power from the turntable?