PlayBar sound drop outs.

  • 1 October 2020
  • 4 replies

We are experiencing persistent sound dropping out on Playbar/sub/play 1 when playing music only, not when playing from the connected TV (via optical). The playbar is connected by Ethernet to the router. Any other speakers in group with it keep playing the music stream when the living room drops out for up to 2-5 seconds at a time. The time between events varies upto 30 minutes, but it has just happened 4 times in 5 minutes. I submitted a diagnostic after the first 2 (reference 1636439061). Anybody any ideas?

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4 replies

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Hi @sonosdoc, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community, and thanks for submitting a diagnostic report of your Sonos system. Sorry to hear about this issue on your Sonos Playbar. As I check the diagnostic information, I see Interference and Audio dropouts on it. Kindly check this link about reducing Interference on Sonos and also this link about Music Audio dropouts for some troubleshooting steps. 

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Hi, sorry to join in, but I have a very similar problem, which is asked above in the forum. Likewise my TV output via optical is fine, but music playing drops our randomly, sometimes for seconds at a time, I also submitted a diagnostic, which apparently shows interference, and sound drops, (!). Other speakers grouped in with the playbar carry on playing clearly through the “drop” on the playbar. Working on another theory, especially as everything else continues, I am just trying disconnecting the optical in (from a Sony Bravia AF8) and so far the sound has stayed up. I tried switching TV Autoplay off, but that didn’t make a difference. Is it possible Rowena that something is interrupting the stream from the playbar?

Hi Simon and thank you. I have been through the suggestions and they appear to have made no difference. There is another thread ongoing that Rowena is dealing with that appears to be similar. Surely if there was any sort of WiFi problem, any grouped speaker(s) would also drop the sound? This afternoon I have tried unplugging the optical in cable from the TV, and this seemed to fix the problem, which recurred on replacing the cable. Could something from the TV (attached PS4, BluRay, Sky Q satellite box and Apple TV 4K) be producing the drop out? They are all on stand by. I did try switching off the Playbar TV autoplay, but without any change.

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Hi @sonosdoc, thanks for the update and for doing some troubleshooting steps for this issue. I’ve tried to check out with @Rowena B. about the issue, and It may have been a similar issue. It is also possible that there may be interference with the other devices connected to the TV, causing the dropouts. Let me know if there is any difference after replacing the cable or trying to unplug the other devices that may cause interference and check for any difference or dropouts.

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