Only getting sound from one Sonos One in a stereo pair on Apple TV

  • 29 January 2022
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I have two Sonos Ones stereo paired and have connected to my Apple TV (running tvOS 15.2) and when I select the Audio output to Living Room (my stereo pair Sonos Ones) I only get sound out of my right speaker.  The left speaker is completely silent.  This is not an issue when listening to music via the stereo pair on the So is app, just when using Airplay on the Apple TV. 

I changed the Apple TV format to Stereo but that didn’t work as well. Wondering if there is a 

2 replies

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Hello @NVRICTMA, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community.

Please, while reproducing the issue, Submit Diagnostics via the Sonos app and note down the number appearing in the screen.

A few things you could try:

  • Try a different Apple device if possible with Airplay on the Sonos One stereo pair.
  • Separate the Sonos One stereo pair and try to use Airplay on each one.
  • For the sake of troubleshooting, group the two Sonos One’s in the Sonos App and Airplay on one of them.


Please reply here with the diagnostics number, along with any updates from the above steps.

Hi there. I’m following up because I’m having more problems with my stereo paired Ones. Both have wifi enabled, and I can pair the two, and it works. However, I need to physically pair them in the app every time I use the system to get stereo sounds from both speakers (sound will only come out of one initially). It works after pairing, but as I pause media content or take some form of action, the secondary One deactivates and I only get sound out of the other one. I’ve paired and repaired many times and this always happens. 

Below is my diagnostic code


Appreciate any help.  Thank you!