Need a Smart Person to Save my Orbi Sanity

  • 24 December 2020
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Ok, I’ve checked several threads and spent 2-3 days on my issue.  Hopefully someone smart out there can help! 


How about this one:  I connected my new AMP to my Orbi Wifi and everything was great.  Then when I connected a new Five speaker, that worked well.  However, the speakers connected to the AMP no longer have vocals on the music (only background music, which sounds fine).  


I have troubleshot everything… the speakers, the AMP (Sonos gave up and sent me a new one but the issue persisted), and I even swapped out using my Verizon router and connected straight though the Orbi.  Worth noting I also have an Orbi extender.   


I can see that the Amp is on 2.4G, and the Five is on 5G, and Sonos reps think that could be an issue.  But there seems to be no way to correct that.


Any suggestions at all are welcome, and I am looking for a holiday miracle!

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1 reply

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Doesn’t the Orbi combine the 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bandwidths into one network? Have you tried disconnecting your Five and Amp, resetting the Orbi, then setting up your Five and Amp again to try to get them both on 2.4 ghz or both on 5 ghz? You could also try setting it up without the extender.