music not encoded correctly. This may seriously lead me to returning these things

  • 21 October 2021
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So I’ve crafted a wonderful playlist over 3 years by using shazam on my travels, finding ambient this or that, airport lounges, hotel lounges… my home used to be bathed in a wonderful mix of ambient / downtempo / jazz ………


and now all of a sudden every track in my poolside playlist isn’t encoded correctly.


yeah, I’m using amazon, and yeah I guess its amazons fault.


but seriously. my googling led me to the fact that exporting playlists has been a feature request forever, and the main app can’t do it.  Instead i gotta get an apple device to use some dudes hacky app…


i expect different from a product that I’ve dumped over $1k into. Not have to search through github repos .. i mean jesus. 


Costco might be getting them back.


hooray costco. 


unless anybody has another way. 

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4 replies

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Hi @morpjorp 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I assume you’ve recently upgraded to Amazon Music HD? This is the cause of what you describe. Unfortunately, the only fix is to recreate the playlists again, though we recommend creating them within the Amazon Music app so that any device connecting to Amazon Music can play them, rather than only Sonos, and so that this doesn’t happen again.

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My experience has been similar with Amazon Music the past few days, but is not limited to SONOS software or speakers.  I have run into the same situation using my Amazon Music laptop app in my office on my computer speakers, as well as in my car using the Amazon Music iPhone app.  

i didn’t upgrade anything. I’m a fan of “if it aint broke don’t fix it”. But I guess some genius somewhere decided something should be upgraded.


I’m not gonna manually recreate this playlist. instead i’m just gonna complain on the internet. Perhaps some day I’ll be bored enough to deal with the python script someone made to export the library because sonos finds it below themselves to allow their users to export their playlists. 

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Hi @morpjorp 

In that case, I recommend you remove the Amazon Music service from your Sonos system, then add it back on again:

Remove a music service account from Sonos

Add a music service to Sonos

If that doesn’t help, I recommend you investigate exactly which tier of Amazon Music you have. Amazon Music HD is now free for all their Unlimited customers, and it may well happen automatically.

I hope this helps.