Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

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Strange. It must have something to with them connecting them via the playbar.

Again. Go back to the paired as aurrounds but try hooking any unit to your router.
Latest configuration: back to paired surround setup with one Play1 physically cabled directly to the router. The remaining Play1, sub, and bar are wireless. During record play the audio only cut out one or twice, but it does still occur in this setup. Ran a diag. Code 8306212
Latest configuration: Same as above except now both Play1 are wireless. No disruptions. Looking at Sonos Application I see:
TV Room ( Playbar and Sub)
Living Room
Living Room 2 (mute stops all devices audio. Room Settings show "Stereo Pair" and "Separate Stereo Pair" options.
So it seems pairing while having one Play1 physically wired to the router and then moving the speaker back onto Wifi in its original location has worked? For now anyway 🙂 Thanks again for your help. Ran a diag under this setup. No disruptions 8306282
Music from any and every source cuts out constantly. Most of the time, it barely even plays one song before the music stops. I'm ready to smash thousands of dollars of equipment. Diagnostic number is 8312829
Thanks, but I have no idea how to assign new static ip addresses.
Each router manufacturer has a different method by which to do so, I'd recommend pulling out your router's manual, and looking for the information there.
I changed a few things. My play bar, sub, and play 3's that are all on the main floor work great, almost never cutting out, which I'm fine with. I have a play one in the basement and 3 play ones in the second story that still frequently cut out. The play one is in a different room than the router and boost in the basement. Is there something more I need to do? I *think* the problem is wireless interference...
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I would submit diagnostic and post ref# in a thread for sonos to look at (or call them).

Is boost at leat a foot away from router. What channel router and boost on (only use channels 1, 6, 11 - use two of these beteen the two).
Yes, my boost is more than one foot from the router. Router is on channel 1. Boost is on channel 6. Diagnostic number is 8323048.

I am experiencing intermittent problems with a play 1 and play 3. Both speakers keep disappearing from the remote. Have tried moving wireless channels and rebooting but doesnt seem to have any effect. When players are visible it often won’t play music I have selected and returns error message 1001 or 1002.

I have submitted diagnostic 8334469.

Grateful for any help or support on a solution