Connection to Spotify was lost


I am having an issue playing Spotify through my Sonos app. I keep getting an error message saying "Unable to play (song) the connection to Spotify was lost." After spending some time searching for a solution online, it became apparent that this is a widespread problem with no definitive solution. Nevertheless, I am determined to find an answer.

Additional information:

• Diagnostic: 2024196285

• Internet connection is stable.

• Issue just occured today during playback. Sonos system was installed a few weeks ago, and everything was working fine until today.

• Spotify app works fine by itself, and I can play Sonos Radio through the speakers. The issue only seems to be when I try to play Spotify through Sonos.

• I have tried powering the Sonos amps off and on. No fix.

• I have removed my Spotify account in the Sonos app, and then reconnected it. No fix.

• I have tried clearing my queue in the Sonos app. No fix.

• I checked for updates on both apps after the problem occured. No update for Spotify, but I did update Sonos. No fix.

I believe that is all the relevant information that I can provide at this time. I look forward to a response and hopefully a fix.

Thanks in advance!



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I have also now started experiencing this issue after years of problem free use.

This seems to be a problem playing Spotify from within the Sonos app. 

I find it difficult to take it seriously that you point the customer to make a complaint with Spotify. This should be handled by Sonos and Spotify, not the customer.

Apparently it has been going on for quite some time.

Is Sonos actively working on resolving this?

If so when do you expect a resolution?



Same problem. Have contacted technical team but not useful. Can you please explain how the Sonos is having an issue only with Spotify, but not my own music library, Amazon music or so is radio? It is a single app (and generally the best for music streaming which explains the annoyance of the compatibility failure) that is failing.

I have factory reset my entire system. Everything works. Except Spotify. It also continues to try to play music long after you have given up and moved to Amazon music or another service. Halfway through playing a track on the same speaker it failed to play a Spotify track, the stupid error code comes up again. This is a bug. Or more specifically, your bug.

Everyone here has done all of the troubleshooting, resetting and assorted non-fixes. You cannot “consider this closed”. Not is it our wifi. We all have (I’m guessing) a normal amount (high) or devices on the wifi, because we aren’t luddites and we are in the 21st century. You cannot market a highly expensive set of speakers which cannot work if you and you partner and children have a normal amount of wifi devices for a modern house. Plus, that argument holds no water when all non-Spotify traffic works fine with the same traffic on wifi channels.

Could we have a fix, please?


Really disappointed to see Sonos consider this closed. I have tried many solutions and none of them are a permanent fix - some may work for a time but all fail eventually.

This is obviously an issue affecting many spotify/sonos customers but Sonos look to be unwilling or unable to resolve

Now that Sonos have your money (considerable amounts!) they do not care about supporting you knowing that you will not change manufactures

Sonos you led the whole multi room music revolution. Stop sitting on your laurels and sort this issue!

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Really disappointed to see Sonos consider this closed. I have tried many solutions and none of them are a permanent fix - some may work for a time but all fail eventually.

This is obviously an issue affecting many spotify/sonos customers but Sonos look to be unwilling or unable to resolve

Now that Sonos have your money (considerable amounts!) they do not care about supporting you knowing that you will not change manufactures

Sonos you led the whole multi room music revolution. Stop sitting on your laurels and sort this issue!


Where you at, Sonos support? We need an update. 

In the meantime, did you try using your system with Spotify connect?

Ive figured it put.


I connected to my JBL portable speaker.  

I can play all the music i want. 


Shame Sonos....  Shame

Sounds rather like a connection issue, something to do with SSDP multicasting/discovery perhaps? Or general wireless interference, maybe try things on a SonosNet connection instead (depending on your type of speaker) and see if that resolves the issue.

As mentioned earlier, everything is all working just fine here.

If you can’t resolve it, it maybe best to submit a system diagnostic and note or post it’s reference back here and then contact/chat with the Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and see if they can see any issues with the device, or more likely, your local network.

Something odd going on here? For years I've had rock-solid Sonos/Spotify performance. For the last few days, continual errors with connection to Spotify was lost. 


Everything works fine if using the Spotify app and connecting to the Sonos speakers that way, it’s just in the Sonos app. Some tracks play fine, some don’t and it seems to be the same tracks that continually refuse to play so that makes me think this isn’t a wi-fi connectivity issue. Anyone else?

When is the update coming, I get the same now for all my services Calm, Sonos Radio, Spotify. I have removed both apps, reset Sonos, even hardwired into router this happens. 

6 months or more as Sono has pointed out this has ben happening and not resolve! What is really going on, this should not be that hard to figure out! You guys are tech companies! 

Where is the solution on what we are investing in with subscriptions and expensive speakers!? 

I have absolutely had enough of switching things off, restarting things, reinstalling apps, rebooting things. So many people have had the same issue and I've spent literally hours on this and nothing I've done has made any difference. Sonos was working with Spotify up until a few weeks ago, now it isn't. 

I actually went out this AM and bought a cheap portable Bluetooth nice to be able to listen to music in the kitchen. 

No energy left to devote to Sonos I'm afraid.

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Odd as it may sound, for the last several days starting at approximately 6pm EST my Sonos connection with Spotify fails for a while (all other services work just fine and can generally still connect to Sonos system via Spotify app, but not with Sonos app).  The problems typically resolves itself a short time later.  However, over the last several days has also shown big spikes in outage reports for both Spotify and Sonos starting at around 6PM EST which resolves within an hour, so it’s clearly not just me. 


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Try resetting the Sonos app under App Preferences and rebooting your phone. If that doesn’t work, try re-installing the Sonos app.

Maybe it’s connected to the imminent rollout of the Spotify HiFi Service? (just a guess on my part)…

I have the same issue and I cant connect to the sonos speakers using spotify app as well, it’s stuck on connecting. Please help.

3 years no issues. Last two weeks I cannot connect  Spotify to Sonos. Tried all remedy’s. Painful.

Congratulations and good luck.

Its working for me at this moment as well, but for how long?

My wifi is unstable...  yet it works at 50mg/s down

Connection to spotify lost..  rubbish.  Can play spitify in my car for 12hours straight no issue

other rubbish errors.

The question hasnt been answered.

Happy for anyone who uses sonos and getting a decent service. 

OK - I’ve been fighting this issue for months.  In the SONOS app (doesn’t matter if I’m on Mac, PC, or phone - behaviour is the same) I’d estimate Spotify tracks play successfully <10% of the time.  Otherwise I get the “lost connection” error driving you all nuts.  This is a huge problem for me as I only use Spotify for music.  I also had the experience over the years of this problem occurring once in a while, and the problem quickly went away.  Over the last year or so, it’s become a real problem.

I’ve been through the whole tech support thing with SONOS - troubleshooting suggestions included changing the wifi frequencies, channels, and mode, changing DNS, etc.  Rebooted all SONOS devices, rebooted router, deleted and re-created Spotify service connect to SONOS.  Same experience as many of you I’m sure, and similar to the advice from @Corry P above.  I don’t know the problem between Spotify and SONOS - but it has nothing to do with any of that.

As @dasherpr above, I signed up for the Apple Music trial, created that service in SONOS, and the tracks play with 100% success (I’ve not yet seen the errors creep into the Apple service).  It is interesting that if I try to play a track from Spotify and get the error, then play from Apple with no error - if I then go back to Spotify content, it works.  After a while, the lost connection error resumes.

Best answer still seems to be the one from @Corry P 6 months ago - there is a problem in the handshake/data transfer from Spotify to SONOS.  They know what the problem is, and have done for at least 6 months.  They’ve just not gotten around to telling us about it.

I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

I just add Sonos Port to my systems and made this update to S2. Because of Sonos Port I can’t go back to S1. What about others, do you use S1 or S2?


By the way you didn’t have to upgrade to S2 for the Sonos Port, as that device is both S1/S2 compatible, as shown here in this Sonos Support Page:

I didn¨t know that then. I just assumed that new version should be better than old one. So I wanted to update. Is there any chance to go back to S1?

Hello Thanks for the reply. I have not contacted technical support as yet. I know you can link 2 rear speakers to the arc to add surround, but did not know you can link a single Sonos one to the arc or did you mean just to play music on both the lounge arc and kitchen one at the same time? Sorry, but I’m new to this and just finding my feet.
Things were stable today.

I'm having exactly the same issue. I've reinstalled / restarted every component of my system and I still get the message "connection with spotify was lost" every time I try to play music. I really dont know what else I can do apart from buy some bluetooth speakers and just use the Spotify app directly. At present my Sonos system is just a number of bricks scattered throughout the house! It all worked for it doesn't. I spent hours reinstalling, restarting etc. Coming to the conclusion that it's just never going to work again!

….and for what its worth, just installed Sonos on my desktop Mac, which is directly connected to my router via an ASDL cable. Exactly the same issue so nothing to do with WiFi.


Since experiencing the same issue as you all have I’ve been back and forth with Spotify to try numerous things.

A clean (more thorough) reinstall of the Spotify app somehow did the trick for me. Perhaps you all want to give this a try since I really get your frustrations and Sonos hasn’t come with a solution at all….

Read more about how to do a clean reinstall of Spotify:

Bestest of luck!

There must be a proper fix for this, most frustrating thing ever , I have done everything mentioned above thread and still the same , plays a few songs then just stops. I did t know you could add the app on Spotify, so did this .. still after a few songs it will just stop . Same on my phone or if I play from PC … what is the answer Sonos Team ???  

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After months of not a single playback problem, yesterday the connection to Spotify was lost-problem started again. Anyone else noticing this?

It has worked to just restart the app this time and i am pretty sure that didnt work last time. Weird.

December 11, 2021, months after the “case closed” notice posted above, and for the very first time in years of Sonos use with Spotify…. I, too got the “unable to play, cannot connect” error, and Googling it brought me here. 

Interestingly, it cannot connect and then skips to the next song, sometimes it will start playing it and then stop connecting.

FYI: Using Fios 1GB fiber optic connection through an Amazon eero Wifi router connected directly to the fiber modem (not through the Fios router - that one was sent back).

Also FYI: Playing through Sonos app on my MacBook. All apps and speakers fully updated. 

Pretty frustrating. 

Also having this problem. All my speakers are wired. Seems to go in and out, although it seems more reliable if I play to Sonos FROM Spotify instead of using the Sonos app. I’ve tried reconnecting the services, reauthing before I try playing, etc. nothing seems to help. Happing on my and my wife’s devices.