App now forcing iOS updates and Losing features

  • 17 June 2024
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As a Pro level home AV integrator, I am getting flooded with customers who now have lost, settings, playlists, and what was working well, now is forcing customers and myself to either Upgrade the iOS and Device or  Operating system itself, or get a new device that can be upgraded with a newer OS so that the New 80 version can be used!! Are you freaking kidding me!


So, as a Pro integrator, ALL of my new builds will now be using the WiiM streamers and Amps! High Res Audio. Software should ALWAYS be backward compatible!! Always! This way you are not forcing anything. The user might lose a few new features, but their system will work as it always has. And I can live without getting slapped again by a simple Audio streaming platform. 


Plus I have found the new WiiM home streamers to sound incredible. I am not a WiiM employee or am associated with the company in ANY level, I build from scratch multimillion dollar custom homes from Pre-wire, to full networking and AV. and going forward, I’m pushing WiiM, NO MORE SONOS for me. WHY? Because I’m DONE wasting my time with their idea of whole home audio. It’s been going down hill for quite some time. This new version is the worst I’ve seen. The cost of WiiM VS. SONOS is stupid. They have an incredible interface, and the multiband EQ is fantastic! They sound better too!!!


When a customer calls me and is yelling at ME because of a software update, that’s when all bets are OFF! I did nothing to affect the update, but here we are! 


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