AirParrot requires password to connect via Airplay

  • 17 June 2020
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Hi all,

I just got a Sonos Port, and was hoping to be able to stream to it from my PC via Airplay.  After some Googling, I installed a program called AirParrot3, but when I try to use it to connect my PC to my Port, AirParrot asks for a password.  I tried using my Network password and my  Sonos password, but neither worked.

Others who’ve had this problem received advice in these forums to disable a setting on their iOS device (I have an iPhone 6SPlus).  However, I can’t implement this advice because the iPhone settings it refers to appear to have changed since then and I can’t locate them.

(For  reference, the Forum advice I’m referring to is here and here .)

If someone could help me get this working, I’d sure appreciate it! 



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3 replies

I’m also interested in the topic. Could you find any solution?

AirParrot is a third party application, you need to contact the developer.

I’m also interested in the topic. Could you find any solution?

I never did get AirParrot working, and instead use TuneBlade, which works great and was a breeze to set up.  A word of caution though about Bluetooth connections from your PC:  the sound lacks some depth when compared with accessing the source music through the Sonos app directly.