One SUB for Two Rooms

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I came into this forum to ask exactly this question. I was hovering over "buy" for a sub, but if I can't share it between my playbar and the Play:5 in the next room over for music - ain't worth it. For $700, this thing outta at least be able to do this, take out your garbage, and give you a foot massage.

After waiting 2+ years of complaining with hundreds of others on the forums for Sonos to finally pay attention to getting shuffle play right (done in 5.4), I've lost faith in expecting these sort of requests to get any sort of priority. I hope I'm wrong - this would be awesome.
Still waiting for this, would be a really good enhancement. Adding-removing is not fun...
This does seem like a no-brainer. Any active speaker should be able to seamlessly use the Sub.  I have two adjacent rooms as well, each with a playbar/tv. It would be great if either one would use the Sub automatically.
Also If I am playing music through both rooms, they would also use the Sub.  I know it can be done by removing/adding all the time, but that is very un-Sonos like.  
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I just bought a sub and can't believe it's not possible to bond it to more than one player unless it's a stereo pair or a 5.1 set up - neither of those apply to me.  I live in a very open loft and have several players in different rooms that all happen to be in very close proximity to where I planned on putting the sub...but due to the layout, the above 2 options aren't feasible...I can't understand why it couldn't be bonded to multiple players in regular mode.  This wouldn't apply to every user of course, but if all were in 'single mode' it would just be setting a crossover point at each of them - not driving the sub any more.  Obviously you'd have to pick one sound setting for the sub, but so what??  I certainly can't spend another $700 for more subs in the same room...and don't even know if that's possible.  I've waited 2 years to get the sub, and I'm so disappointed.  I feel like I completely wasted all that money.

Sonos....are there any plans to add to the subs' functionality so that 'regular' sub associations are possible at one time??  
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Grouping with a Connect would also be of great value.
This feature would be awesome.  I have a Playbar in one room and two Play:1s in the next.  I'm considering getting a Sub, but don't know which room to put it in.  It would be great if I could place it between the two rooms and share it between them.
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I already use multiple players (2Play:5's and a connect:amp) in group-mode in one room, including one sub. 
To use the sub on all of this units when in group-mode; would be great!
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I still agree this would be a great software update... Sonos any thoughts?
I agree, c'mon Sonos - a fix shouldn't be too difficult
I'm on the fence about buying the sub, but if this functionality was added I'd get it for sure as I'd be able to use it with playbar and two Play3's separately.
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I love the idea and actually would follow the “modularity and ease” concept of the brand
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Yes I would love that as well. Having to unlink the sub from the 5.1 setup to be used with another sonos product does stink. I agree it if had some type of priory system that would be amazing.  Example: the 5.1 in the living room is the priority, but if nothing is being played, and I play something on my Play:5 in the office, it will use the sub in the living room. And yes the sub is loud enough for this. It is an amazing sub for that matter. 
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I would love to be able to do this where I have two rooms close to each and and rather than buy two subs that would compete any probably sound terrible. Have one room that has priority like the family room and the second room like kitchen gets sub if family room turns off.