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I purchased the Sonos Speakers because of the ability to enjoy my music on the Sonos speakers. Well, that is not happening and I am not happy right now.

This posting is for those who have speakers. I have recently attempted to download the Windows Controller for my desktop. It states that it can't find the existing version of the music. I have uninstalled the application and reloaded the application. I was reading in the Sonos Community that this has been happening for a while now. So my question to Sonos, if the controller isn't working correctly why do you still have the application on your website.

Looking at your Board of Directors, you have a pretty smart team, so why hasn't someone come up with the fix.

So if you are having the same problem with the Windows Controller, don't waste your time on the Sonos Community, take it right to the top. Send an email to Patrick Spence, CEO,

Also, copy your letter to the investor relations

Investor relations contact

Attn: Investor Relations
614 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Hi, vkerzman. Thank you for your post. I am unsure as to what you are referring to, in saying that your desktop application "can't find the existing version of the music".
Is the issue that you can't connect to your library, due to certain options being greyed out? If that's the case, we have addressed that in this thread.

Please clarify and we shall support you however we can. Thank you.
Edward - The Sonos controller is not able to install to my computer that houses all of my music. I own over 400 CD's. I purchased the Sonos system for the ability to listen to my own music. I have tried to install the Windows 10 controller to my desktop computer. It consistently states that it can't connect to my system. This is not my first rodeo, I am well versed on my computer and the installation of programs.

After the program is installed i go through the prompts, after it is completed it states that it is connected with a big check mark.. Well guest what it 'isn't'.

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Alright, I was trying to gauge exactly what the nature of the issue was. Thank you for clarifying. Just a couple of things:

Do you run a third-party firewall? This is likely why you are currently able to connect. Can you try temporarily disabling it? If that works, you may need to adjust some settings.

Once successfully connected, you can add your music library using these instructions.

If still unable to connect after adjusting your firewall, or if you do not use one, we would need to know a bit more about your network. Do you use multiple routers or any extenders? Is this a domestic network or a corporate one? A computer used strictly for personal use, or employer issued?
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To add to the above: There are many, many users that use the desktop controller without issue. This is not an inherent fault with the software. In cases such as these, it's invariably down to a configuration issue - wherever in the setup that may be. In any case, it can be fixed.
So Edward, if it is not the fault of the software why is it a inccuring problem with the Sonos Controller for windows 10, I load the controller on three computers yesterday and all three had problems. So can you explain to me what the issues is if it is not the software. I am not a fan of the back and forth communication. I spent a lot of money on these speakers, like other users and all we want is that the controller works with Windows 10. If you would like I would be glad to start a poll on line and find out how many are still having problems.
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The PC controller might have its issues, but finding any devices generally isn't one of them. PC networking configurations vary widely, and diagnosing issues can be hard to figure out remotely. Firewalls are the most common problem, though the installer will configure the standard Windows firewall for you. There is a support article that descibes common 3rd party firewall settings.

If you want some assistance you'll have to provide some more information: preventing the back and forth is best done by calling Support, instead of just posting each stage here.
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I am sorry if you do not like the back-and-forth nature of this support medium, however as controlav has alluded to, this is an inherent trait of a support community.
You need not start a poll for my benefit - I feel our time would be better spent finding a solution for you.

Perhaps this is affecting all three computers due to a network setting? Perhaps you have the same firewall installed on each one? Perhaps this is a corporate network with an entirely different network infrastructure and / or security measures? Unfortunately, I am left speculating. I cannot answer your question as to what the cause of the issue is as you haven't yet provided the details I need. If I am to be able to provide any suggestions, I really would like for you to answer the questions I posted above.

  • Do you run a third-party firewall?
  • Multiple routers or WiFi extenders?
  • Is this a corporate network?
  • Are these computers employer issued?
  • Any other details of your home network we should know about?

Once I have the requested information, I am confident we can actually resolve this for you.
Here is my number.. done using email... **********
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Here is my number.. done using email... **********

Hi there,

It looks like you've been in contact with our support team and Dan is reaching out to schedule a call. I've edited your post to remove your phone number for your privacy. Our phone agent should be able to walk you through getting your computer app connected.

Thank you for your assistance!