screw sonos for your patent trolling and frivolous lawsuits

  • 15 January 2022
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Thanks to Sonos I can't use my FREAKING VOLUME BUTTON on my own phone to control music in my own home.


That idea isn't yours, it isn't unique, and it's stupid that 1) you even have a patent on it and 2) that you actually tried to enforce it.


It's so asinine to prevent the simple and UNORIGINAL idea of using volume buttons to control VOLUME on a wireless device that you have guaranteed I will never, in my life ever ever ever buy a Sonos product. Ever.


I'm sure you have filters on these forums, but let me tell you from the bottom of my heart; 


***** S O N O S

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3 replies

Don't blame Sonos for working within the law, blame Google, ya jackass.

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 you have guaranteed I will never, in my life ever ever ever buy a Sonos product. Ever.


So, Sonos have lost a customer they didn’t have. And with that attitude and language, I suspect they won’t miss you, either. 

Bye. 👋

The patent wasn’t about the idea of controlling the volume of multiple wireless speakers, but the method of doing so.  So If you think the method isn’t patentable, then blame Sonos for taking out the patent ...and the patent office for awarding the patent and the ITC for blocking trade for patent infringement.     I personally don’t have the knowledge of the method in anywhere enough detail to say one way or the other.

And to be clear, Sonos didn’t force Google to remove the feature, as Google had two other options. They could have came up with another way to control the volume, or they could have paid Sonos the license fee that they asked for originally.  Instead, Google decided to removed the feature and let their customers do without.