Refunds: Scam or Legit? **Depressing Experience**

  • 23 June 2022
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I welcome all people out there who are frustrated by Sonos Refund policies and still waiting on getting back their hard earned money.

I hope this message finds you well and I am hoping this is my last resort to find a resolution to my problem.

I was provided a 10% credit refund on my order# ********** which shipped on Jun 01, 2022 due to delayed shipping. (see attached screenshots)

After talking on phone with Sonos Sales Support multiple times inquiring about the status on the same and also creating an online credit request (case# ********), I have been left with no answers and provided with given blanket statements such as "It is processed on our end", "Check with your bank", "I will get back to you after talking to our internal finance team", "Wait until 15 business days", and automated system emails "We're here to help" etc.

I have complied with all the required policies and tried to be as patient as possible before reaching out to you. It has been 15 business days, yet I have not received an official confirmation or a system generated email for a credit memo note from Sonos or been ever contacted back by any of the following three sales support staff I have communicated with, who assured me every time that they will get back to me with a firm answer.

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Everytime I am being provided with false excuses and false promises. I am told that the credit has been processed for the amount ($136.5 before taxes), yet nobody is willing to send me a credit note confirmation and neither did I see any automated email from Sonos nor my own bank confirming the same.


Please see attached the screenshots of emails that were sent to me since May 24 as of my first interaction and these are the only communications I have received, neither of which provide me any resolution on my case #**********.


I sincerely hope that this is my last effort at getting this resolved so I can start moving on to other things in life and not worry about my finances with Sonos.


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2 replies

Since this is a support community, and not a method for reaching Sonos sales / refunds, it does seem like an odd choice to post this information here. Unless you’re looking for comments from forum members. 

Yes, just wanted to provide other forum members some background and see what their comments are on the same. But I can see how my comment about resolution may confuse other members. I just copy pasted what I sent to the CEO.