All Sonos products will continue to work past May

  • 23 January 2020
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Good Lord. :thinking:

Ok, let’s dumb this down:

Old software can’t talk to new software, and new software can’t be loaded on old units.  So therefore, new and old software can’t be on the same system because they can’t talk to each other.  Get it now?

And the viability of technical solutions always has financial factors.  Otherwise, why not just suggest Sonos give away free replacement units to everyone who wants them?  That’s not “impossible”, right? 


I bought my pair of Play 5s in Sept 2014, 5 years and 4 months ago.  

Then I added pairs of Play One and Play Three.

How was I to know that my Play 5s were already close to 5 years old technology when I bought them brand new?

I believe the Company is misleading the consumer when they sell retail products that are at risk of becoming legacy unsupported products in 5 years like what happened in my case.  

I hope the CEO directs all efforts to software engineers to keep my mixed system of six speakers functioning as a complete system.

In the future SONOS should plan on building in excess memory capacity in the speakers for updated functionality and avoid the extremely dissapointing outlook the company has set forth for owners like me.