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Alexa is available in Brazil for about 4 months. However, sonos skill is not accessible in the alexa app for a brazilian account. I used to control my sonos devices by using an Unites States account, but as soon as i migrate my account to Brazil i lost the sonos skill. At first i was able to ask for songs by the alexa even in portuguese. Unfortunately, it stop to work two weeks ago. As there is no more sonos skill, i can’t reconfigure my sonos devices.

Are there any plans to make sonos skill available for the brazilian users of sonos? At least in order to discover the devices, cause if the devices are available as a alexa device, it is possible to ask for songs as i used to do.

Thanks in advance,

Gustavo Denardin

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Additionally, why not allow the use of amazon music service from the Brazil region?


Gustavo, change your amazon account to USA, add Sonos skill, finish the configuration and change back your amazon account to BR.


Sonos skill will not be listed in your skills, but works normally.

Thanks, it will help. But I still miss alexa in portuguese. It's so annoying to have some echos speaking portuguese and sonos in english


Totally agree with you, so long Alexa was released in Portuguese and nothing about Sonos !!!!


Now I’m using an echo dot and 2 Sonos One as speakers only in the same room, so that I can keep my whole system in Portuguese.


Boa noite, possuo uma Sonos One e moro no Brasil. Segui sua orientação alterando a conta Amazon BR para EUA. Adicionei a habilidade SONOS, porém não consigo configurar meu Sistema pq no App Sonos do Brasil, não aparece a opção adicionar serviços de voz. Pelo App da Alexa, eu até consigo visualizar a Sonos ONE, mas não consigo usar o microfone dela. Fica desativado o tempo inteiro, não ativa nem clicando sobre ele. 

Hello everyone. I understand your frustration about this. At this time, Alexa is not available on Sonos in Brazil. Why yes, Alexa as a stand alone service is available in Brazil. Our partnership with Amazon does not include Brazil at this time. Rest assured, we are always adding more countries, so we can certainly add Brazil to that list. that being said we can not specify a time frame as to when it will be available. 

When Alexa becomes available in Brazil, we will update our Announcements forum on the Community, as will as our Alexa article on

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Hi Richard,

So let me try to understand what you just said, If I’m a Sonos client, based in the US, why don’t I get to see the Portuguese language available to be used as like other Amazon devices I own?

It has nothing to deal with Amazon + Sonos + Brazil, If I’m US based so it is related to Sonos and Portuguese language for Alexa.

I’m able to select Italian for example, but Portuguese does not show up.



Hi @cgammaro. Currently, Portuguese is not available on our voice enabled speakers, even though it is available on Alexa devices. We built this integration from scratch in partnership with Amazon. Over time, we will add more features to our integration such as the Portuguese voice. 

I am more then happy to pass along your concerns as feedback to the team that handles the Alexa Integration. We strive to improve in every way, and we cannot do it without your help.   

A few months have gone by and Portuguese is still not available for Alexa on the Sonos. One of the reasons I bought Sonos was to replace my Alexa devices, but it seems there is no feature parity.


Implementation wise, I don't expect Sonos needs to implement each language that Alexa supports but offload each to Amazon to process. How difficult is it to add a new language to the Sonos ecosystem?

I'm also having the same issue! I can't use Alexa along with my Sonos system in Brazil. I was about to buy the new Sonos One, but my family won't be able to use in English. =/

As respostas são sempre muito educadas mas o resultado nulo. Não consigo acreditar que uma empresa que vale milhões de dólares e tem produtos que custam um valor alto não tenha condições de atender ao público brasileiro onde teria ainda um ganho de mercado. 

ALEXA não funciona no SONOS ONE no Brasil. 

Já que a AMAZON e SONOS não tem interesse nos tupiniquins, o jeito é comprar o HOMEPOD MINI que a Apple acabou de lançar e usar o assistente SIRI que é tão bom quanto.