Sonos One - what functionality missing from a normal Echo ?

  • 8 October 2017
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Does a list exist of exactly what functions from the Echo will be available built-in on the Sonos One ? Obviously, Echo allows you to make calls between devices these days etc.. But is this functionality included in the Sonos One or not ?

Also, what else is potentially missing ?

We really need a table showing Echo functionality and then what Echo functionality is included on a Sonos One.

Really tempted buying Sonos One's - but need to understand what would be missing in Alexa functionality first..

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9 replies

I agree this would be useful. I don't expect the Sonos One to participate in intercom calls or Echo speaker groups but what about phone calls to an external number (just added to Alexa)? A Sonos One would make an awesome speakerphone!
I found one thing today—you can’t play Audible through it. I hope that gets fixed soon.
A couple I know of: drop in, Echo multi-room playback, flash briefing, shipment notification.
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From what I can gather, reading the forum and having chatted with a Sonos representative yesterday, Alexa is not the same as Echo. Alexa is the voice assistant, Echo is the hardware device. Echo provides some features that Alexa can make use of, for example, Drop In.

Thiis is similar to Siri on the iPhone vs Siri on the Apple TV. Both have Siri, but only one can place a call.

I must admit that I read the statement that the Sonos One could do "Everything that Alexa does" as meaning that this was everything that an Echo could do.

It may well be that all this comes later. After all, the longer you own a Sonos device, the better it gets. Right?
I'm mad at myself for not doing better research prior to buying my son a sonos one. My strong recommendation for now is to buy a play one and connect it with an echo dot instead. With sonos one you lose some key functionality like intercom and echo to echo calls. Sonos One could have been a game changer...instead its a misfire. Don't get me wrong...I'm highly invested in the sonos ecosystem and love the product....just not the Sonos One in its current state.
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I will mention this in as many applicable places as possible. Most third party audio that is not Flash Briefing or the Sonos App will not work. For example, sleep and meditation sounds do not play.

Have yet to hear if this will be supported in the future. I plan to line out from an Echo Spot and a speaker from a different manufacturer (play 5 simply too big for my nightstand) if I cannot find out if this will be supported in the future.

Love the Sonos products usually. This thing so far has been a bit of a miss.
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Madtownsonos - I would avoid the Echo Sonos combination. As the Echo is playing the sound on ‘another device’ the noise cancellation struggles. It may be ok for News or weather or timers ... but when you have loud music playing though the Sonos the noise cancellation on the Echo gets confused and can’t hear you SHOUTING ALEXA !
I am also mad to myself for not researching, I will recommend to any one asking me not to get the Sonos One, it is just not worthy.
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It ducks the sound of the speaker though as soon as it hears you say Alexa so it can hear you better.