Sonos Canada / Amazon US integration

  • 21 October 2017
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I have a US Amazon account since Alexa isn't available in Canada yet. However, my way older Sonos account is registered in Canada. So when I've tried to use Alexa, the Sonos app says I can't because it isn't available in my region. Any way around this?

Best answer by Ryan S 15 March 2018, 22:50

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3 replies

I am also curious about this. I just bought the SONOS Play and am very disappointed that I cant use my Alexa account with it. I may have to return it.
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Change your sonos profile location to be in the US. It worked for me.
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As of the 8.4 release, Alexa is available for Sonos in Canada. You don't need to change your user account's location, just use the normal CA Alexa account and you should be all set to use Sonos with Alexa.