Sonos Alexa Integration India

  • 2 November 2017
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80 replies

Guys, maybe exist some approach to change location? I'm ready to do it try Alexa with Sonos.
Kumar, nice one on the location hack. However, it still doesn't make sense for an App not to be released in a particular location, because it would only give Sonos more usage data to further refine their skill

Ryan, it's incredibly myopic the way the Sonos dev team works. Reeks of geographical racism when you have paying customers in the world's second largest internet market and your bunch of rust belt developers are sitting around not doing enough.
What's the logic in not turning on a skill in a particular geography? Voice commands use the Alexa API, Sonos only provides the interface to talk to the speakers, so technically, this isn't really a big development. It definitely doesn't need 3 pages of requests for someone to turn, literally, a feature "ON". There is no additional development work required.

Hate how you treat paying customers.
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Hi sameerpit, I appreciate the sentiment, but not the language. I've edited your posts so they're appropriate for the community. Please refrain from using inappropriate language here.

There is a lot more work that goes into getting a skill working in a region than simply flipping a switch or changing a few lines of code. There is a very dedicated team working to bring Alexa support for Sonos to as many countries as possible, as quickly as we can. As soon as there's more to share for India, I'll make sure to let you all know. We know how dedicated and interested you all are and would love to bring you good news.
After having played around with the Skills via a hack, I have lost interest in them. Voice control via Sonos Skills with the ducking issues and some others I came across is just a gimmick I can comfortably live without at this time. And there is no access to Amazon Prime as there is now with a standalone India configured Amazon Echo that my wife uses every day in the kitchen now, so all the hoopla for just volume control for Sonos isn't much point either. Once the novelty of the skills wears off, there is little left to use via them.

And I am able to get better results via a Dot + Connect Amp in one zone, that can be triggered to start Amazon Prime via commands either to the Dot or to any other Echo device in the house and that is more than enough voice fun for me at this stage.

IMO, this whole voice thing is overhyped prematurely and will take all of 2018 to become more of a useful feature and less of a gimmick, so I am not going to blow energy/time on reminding Sonos about India integration anymore. I suspect that getting voice control in India via Google Assistant on a Mini + GPM may even come before Alexa Skills for Sonos here, but only time will tell.