Sonos Alexa in Poland

  • 9 February 2018
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Can anyone tell me how to connect Sonos and alexa in Poland? I will use it in english. I can buy echo for that but I dont know if this worth the hussle.

12 replies

I've got Sonos One and it's works.
You need to register amazon account on US or UK adress.
How did you do this? I changed location in Alexa to UK but in Sonos app it stil shows that its not supported in Poland. Should I change the location at Sonos app? If yes, how I should do this?
Bump. Same situation. Alexa is available here in Poland and I can't use it on Sonos One. App says that Alexa is not supported in Poland
Ok, problem solved.
You have to change in your profile different country
In which profile I have to change my country? Amazon? If so, where can i find it?
wejdz na i tam zmień adres an polske

I’ve changed it on and Alexa is still not available on my iPhone app

Does any one have any update od this? I have three Sonos speakers and Alexa in Poland isn’t working. It’s a shame because they advertise on the polish website that Alexa works… Very strange strategy.

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Hello everyone,

I understand that you would like to know when Alexa will work in Poland on your Sonos products. At this time, Alexa is not available to work with Sonos in Poland. Yes, Alexa can work in Poland on an Echo device. However, Alexa is not available on Sonos products in Poland. We are working with Amazon to include more countries in the future. When we have more information to share, we will update our Announcements forum which can be found here.


You can find the current list of supported countries here. We will upload this list as more countries become available. 



Richard, thank You for the reply. 

Don’t You think that it should be pointed on Your website in a much clearer way, that Alexa and Google Voice assistant are available ONLY in 13 countries??? It should marked through the whole page. In a large font. I bought speakers intending to use Alexa. Now I am left with no such option and no claim when I will be working.

Even now on the page of Sonos One and even when You click the link to Alexa there is no sign of such information. That’s not fair advertising.

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I will certainly pass along that feedback to our web team about that. I viewed our Polish webpage on the Alexa and Sonos, and for the Sonos One. Both pages show “*Depending on availability in your region”. 


Now - yes it’s there, because you guys finally changed it. Well still yesterday it wasn’t here. Should I attach a screenshot? I would rather expect a different reaction than trying to prove I am wrong.. but maybe I expect too much. Especially if You already sold these products with misleading information for quite a while. Not cool Sonos.