Beam & TV voice control: what is possible?

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Hi there! I set up a Sonos Beam today and connected it to my Samsung TV (Q6F) via the ARC HDMI port, also installed Alexa and it's running smoothly for things like playing music on Spotify or checking the weather.

But what remains unclear to me: to what extent am I able to control my TV via Alexa voice control? There's no list of possible commands out there, at least I couldn't find it? I picked up somewhere that it's possible to turn the TV on and off via Alexa, so I tried that: turning on actually works, while for turning off Alexa says "OK" without actually turning it off. Why is that?

And are there any more things I can do, such as...
...switch the HDMI source via Alexa (i.e. "switch to Playstation")?
...switch the TV channel via Alexa (i.e. "switch to CNN")?

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I have the same issue with turning off, works fine if the source is set to the HDMI ARC, but if the source is any other such as SKY Q or FireStick then Alexa says 'OK' and nothing happens!!!
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Hi, there are some commands listed here and you can find more on the link in that page to our FAQs. We're also constantly updating Sonos software and the Alexa integration, so you may see new features added as well.

Don't forget that the commands are sent over HDMI-ARC with CEC, so your TV needs to be able to support the commands we're trying to send.
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Thanks Ryan! My TV supports CEC and I have enabled it in the settings. Still the same issue as Storm3: 'turn off' command only works if the source is set to Sonos Beam, otherwise it won't work.
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Hi DoktorBen, there's a larger thread here with some full steps to work with for Samsung TVs.
Just adding another person with the same issue - I can turn on my TV but not off. Beam works fine for everything else, but overall the Alex integration is rather disappointing. I'm using a 2018 Samsung UE407120 smart TV.
Another here.

Samsung Q9, top of the range, hdmi 4 arc is the Sonos and I can control the tv, the MAIN reason for swapping my previous speaker to the beam.

@Sonos, can we get some SUPPORT?
I have the same issues. I previously had a play 5 2nd gen connected to my LCD. I now bought a new Samsung Q9F that don't have 3.5mm aux out, and therefor bought a beam instead. I have it connected through HDMI-ARC with CEC activated, but the commands is a joke. The only thing that works is to change the volume and ask for weather. I cannot turn on or off the TV, I cannot start/skip/stop songs playing on Spotify. I'm considering returning it and change my sonos system.
I am having the same issue. The Beam will turn on the TV, but will not turn off the TV. This issue is occurring on a brand new Samsung Q65F (Costco specific model). On my two year old Samsung series 6, the commands work perfectly. As someone else mentioned, if I turn the tv input to the Sonos Beam, then the “tv off” command works. However, this is a useless solution because it requires me to use the remote to change the input, so I could then just use the remote to turn off the tv.
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So does anyone know if sonosbeam/alexa can change the inputs? when I turn on sonosbeam/TV via Alexa, it always goes to the hdmi input where the sonos beam is connected. a neat black and white psychadelic pattern, but I need to switch the input, man.... lol. Any answers?
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What name did you guys give the sonos beam speaker? For example I named it "sonos beam". To turn on the TV I need to say: "Alexa, turn on sonos beam"... I know its sounds obvious, but I am hoping it helps some of you out.