Alexa volume issue since 12.1

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Hi folks,

I’m experiencing issues related to the volume of Alexa since the Sonos update to 12.1. I’m using a surround setup with one Sonos Beam and two Sonos Play:1 in my living room. Since a few years, the Alexa response volume was just static and not related to the music volume set by Sonos. This was a good thing because you could listen to music in very low volume while you could talk to Alexa and get a normal, relatively loud response.

Since 12.1, the Alexa volume seems to be related to the overall speaker volume. Now when the volume is set maybe between 1-20%, it is just impossible for me to communicate with Alexa because her responses are extremely quiet. I can only start to understand her again when the volume slider is maybe at 25-30% or higher, but then of course the music is also proportional louder, which is not good.

Is there any way to set the Alexa volume independent of the music volume?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Spoke with Sonos support and they've been able to repro this issue and escalate a bug to engineering, but said it won't get prioritized for resolution until more users file tickets complaining about it.


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If you make the process as cumbersome  as possible to file an issue or complaint, you will never have any issues! People will just take it for granted.

Big companies seem to have this stategy, make it as hard as possible: and "we will need more people to report the issue".

It's a strategy, and it works.

Well done Sonos.

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Looks like this isn’t just limited to third-party voice assistants, even their ‘home-grown’ voice assistant doesn’t have independent volume control:



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Please dont remove case #. Support explicitly told me to share it with others.

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The above message from the mods is such a tone deaf and lack of right hand speaking to the left hand action it’s beyond reprehensible that said mod thought it would be appropriate to post in reply, without any follow up to the original topic issue. This issue has persisted since 12. Update and I have over $10k in Sonos products. It’s utter en****ification and bad product management. I’d message the product managers directly on LinkedIn next.