Alexa volume issue since 12.1

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Hi folks,

I’m experiencing issues related to the volume of Alexa since the Sonos update to 12.1. I’m using a surround setup with one Sonos Beam and two Sonos Play:1 in my living room. Since a few years, the Alexa response volume was just static and not related to the music volume set by Sonos. This was a good thing because you could listen to music in very low volume while you could talk to Alexa and get a normal, relatively loud response.

Since 12.1, the Alexa volume seems to be related to the overall speaker volume. Now when the volume is set maybe between 1-20%, it is just impossible for me to communicate with Alexa because her responses are extremely quiet. I can only start to understand her again when the volume slider is maybe at 25-30% or higher, but then of course the music is also proportional louder, which is not good.

Is there any way to set the Alexa volume independent of the music volume?

Thank you very much in advance.


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It’s such a shame that a frequently requested and long awaited feature like this is constantly being overlooked :(

For what it's worth I fixed this by lowering my surround audio offset from +15 to -15 on both tv and music. 

Settings>System>Product Name>Surround Audio

I also set the volume limit to something that made sense for me. This fixed the issue realted to volume being set by Alexa. 

I hope this helps someone!


I'm on 14.3 and it's still an issue.  So beyond frustrated with this.  Get your stuff * together sonos. It's going on 2 years now!!!!!


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I’m experiencing same issues related to the volume of Alexa  after the new update at 14.6.

Over two years later for this original post and several updates later and a old problem rears its ugly head at Ver. 14.6.  Premium prices with poor responses and no fix or solution to a long time problem 👎🤬

I joined this post so that Sonos can hear from one more.


Please fix the freaking problem!

Still a huge proble on Sonos one in may 2022. Come on SONOS. I know you have jumped on the greed bandwagon and sold your souls but think about your customers or you won’t have any left!