Wiim streamer for Airplay 2 for home stereo + Sonos speakers for whole-house audio

  • 12 March 2023
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I am a simple noob and kind of slow with all things electronics. Here's my simple question: 

I'm considering an $85 Wiim Mini or a $140 Wiim Pro streamer to attach to my existing home stereo setup so that it shows in AirPlay on iOS along with my Sonos speakers when I want to stream music or podcasts throughout the house. 

I have a pair of Sonos Ones and a Sonos Sub Mini, and I use AirPlay 2 (not the Sonos app) to stream music and podcasts. *All I want to do is add my home stereo setup to AirPlay so that I can have synced whole-house audio.* Will a Wiim Mini (or the Pro) get me there? Thanks.


2 replies

Full disclosure: I’m not a Wiim user and I almost never use AirPlay 2.

My experience is that AirPlay 2 streams to a single device. If Wiim can stream to multiple devices using AirPlay 2 you have a small chance at streaming to your stereo and SONOS. With respect to SONOS, you could send AirPlay 2 to a SONOS AirPlay 2 capable unit, then use the SONOS Group capability to play on multiple SONOS units. Note that there will be a 75ms latency with the SONOS units. It’s likely that there will be a different latency with the receiver. The latency will be a big bother if you can simultaneously hear output from multiple devices. The latency will not be an issue if the devices are in distant rooms.

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Airplay2 can sync multiple speakers. You can adjust the latency on the Wiim.