Sonos, Unifi, VLANs, and RSTP clarification

  • 10 November 2020
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After having read this RSTP Post from a year ago, I need a clarification.

My Sonos (9 spkrs) system is working fairly well and reliably in a VLAN (IoT) and can be controlled from the main LAN via Android, IoS, and Windows.  After quite a bit of work setting up my EdgeRouter-4 with firewall groups and rules, IGMP, mDNS, multi-cast (not blocked), and now RSTP/STP, I have a question from the post above

First my setup:  Off of my EdgeRouter-4 is a 24-port Unifi Switch. Off of that switch are three other Unifi US-8 switches. On one port of the 24port Switch is a Sonos Boost and on one of the US-8 switches is a PlayBase wired connection. It won't connect wirelessly anymore. Wifi adapter went bad I guess. All other Sonos speakers are wireless. Before today I had all switches set to STP, but as many have noted this slows down all other non-Sonos DHCP requests to 45-55 seconds. Who knows what other network problems this causes. I saw your article about setting each of the switches to RSTP and in your point #3, you say to turn Off STP for (in my case) the two Sonos devices wired to switches. It seems backwards. I thought you were going to say set each switch Globally to RSTP (which you did) and TURN ON STP for the two outlying ports with Sonos devices wired to switches. I also thought setting each of the switches globally to RSTP instead of STP would turn off ALL the individual port profile overrides for STP and I'd just have to go in and turn one port's STP back on. Can you help me understand? FYI, I DID follow your instructions as written and it DOES seem to still work, but as you must have experienced too, networks often need some settling in time, and that’s what I’m afraid of. DHCP requests are reasonable now too, which was the whole point in messing with this today. 

9 replies

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Hi @jeffpdavis1, welcome to the Sonos community, and thank you for providing us with a detailed concern. Let’s wait for @BatraD to answer your questions and inquiries about the RSTP Post. We can wait for suggestions and feedback from our Sonos community members, they might provide their own opinion about this. You may also check out these articles from our website Sonos system requirements and Sonos STP Switch Settings for your reference. If you need help with any other information, feel free to reach out.

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this is the correct config that I’m using as well as recommend by a Unifi tech (i have no relation to Unifi or Sonos except being an end customer)


When you turn on RSTP on the switch, you want the ports that the Sonos equipment is connected on not be part of the cost calculations or group by turning off STP on the ports. Hence you are effectively disabling them from participating and everything works.


My only request would be if Sonos would offer RTSP logic in their firmware to keep up with the times..



Since my post above, I contacted Sonos about my Playbase’s dead wireless adapter. They surprisingly replaced the whole 3 year old Playbase with a new one.  Good for them and me.  I installed it in my system so that every other Sonos device (9 in all) was wireless, except the Boost, hoping that I could turn RSTP on and leave the STP out of the picture.  And it worked!!  It also doesn’t seem to matter whether I turn off STP in the profile override section of the Unifi switch’s port into which the Boost is connected.  On or Off, everything still works.  BatraD, does that make sense to you?

The Boost is centrally located, all the boxes in the Network Matrix are green, except for the left column.  Three of those (the ones making up the surround Play Ones and the Sub) are green (OFDM ANI=0) and all the rest are RED (OFDM ANI=9). I can believe that the house is pretty noisy. I’ve read many many posts about this interference, have kept the 2.4 Ghz wifi transmitting at low power, all four Unifi APs assigned the same channel, and different from the Sonosnet channel. I’ve steered clients to 5Ghz and most are. Whether bluetooth is on/off on all computers, devices and cars doesn’t seem to make any difference.  Another question though is why are the three home theatre speakers Green in the left column while the Playbase (from which they’re virtually grouped) is Red, along with all the other speakers?  That seems like a pretty wide spread (0 to 9).  Maybe I shouldn’t be so obsessed with it since I CAN control everything across subnets without dropouts. That is the point, I guess.

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@jeffpdavis1 i’m glad everything worked out. Sonos support is great.. I had two older Play:1s where the casing had cracked.. they replaced them both last year. 

My house is noisy as well, mostly from my neighbor's wifi signals (can pick over 15 SSID in 2.4 Ghz).

As long as the devices are able to play music without interruption, you should be good. If you ever need to increase the Sonos mesh, you could add another speaker or a boost to amplify the SONOSNet 

Good Luck

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Hi folks, I`m replacing my unmanaged TP-Link switch this week by a new Unifi Lite 16 managed one. So I`m a bit worried about my Sonos Ecosystem that is partially wired. Now, reading this and the embedded posts, this raises some questions:

  • The new Unifi switch will default RSTP. Can I just leave it that way and simply disable STP on the ports that point to a wired Sonos ? So assuming there is no weird sequence of system actions to be taken (?)
  • One of  my Sonos is wired through another Switch (TP-Link) layer which is currently unmanaged and need to be replaced in the future but not immediately. Will/could that cause additional issues for the other devices wired to that switch if I disable STP ?
  • On wiki I read that RSTP was designed to be backwards-compatible with standard STP. Why is this then still causing issues with Sonos ?

@Eddie the Eagle, Sonos STP Switch Settings for managed switches.

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Thanks Smilja, the article is well known. It is only that this post including the embedded posts point into a different direction for Ubiquiti switches that would make me (not only me) much happier.

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Update: I just installed the Unifi Switch and did a Plug and Pray of all my cables including the wired Sonos. I changed nothing in the default settings of the switch and expected my Sonos not to start up to be honest, reading all the messages on STP.

It`s running for an hour now without any issue.

I have networks unifi.
2 network:

master and iot.

my system sonos on iot but from iPhone on master network don’t connect with sonos. 
can you help me?