PC to BEAM (Gen 2) without eARC

  • 9 December 2023
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Hello community !


I recently bought a BEAM Gen 2 and I’m trying to setup it on my laptop. I already read Using Sonos as PC Speakers and How to set up your Sonos Beam on a Windows 10 PC posts but I still have trouble to succeed…

I have plugged an USB to S/PDIF DAC and configured it just like on the first steps of the second post I mentioned earlier. I can’t proceed with the step that demand to define “ Dolby Digital “ as “supported formats” since my Windows version seems to be updated compared with the original post and I can’t reach this advanced setting window. But it works very well when I plug some speakers with a jack cable on the DAC so I guess the minimal setup is ok.

But when I plug the BEAM to the DAC via the optical cable, no sound is out.

The BEAM works well in WIFI (when I display music on it, from Spotify for instance) and the HDMI cable seems good too since it works well on a PC screen.

I’m sure there is not much to do to make it work, but I have hard time to find it out… And I’m not really good at it :)

Maybe someone would have the idea of what is missing?


Thanks by advance!


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Try something like a CD with optical output on your Beam to be sure that part is working. 

On the PC end you might be best served at the forum for your sound card or adapter.

Ok thanks, I’ll test the BEAM on a neighbor’s eARC TV and the optical cable somehow and reroute to the forum if everything is fine.